Love and figure is irrelevant

Wife and I encounter quite a bit the first intimate contact "flavour, we were a net friend, after several times and" dinosaur "meeting after, I have a bit of and net friend meet vague fear, but her on the network so special that I risked again and dinosaurs have a date of danger, invited her to meet. After several times, the more inspired refused my curiosity, in my repeated the invitation after, she finally agreed to meet me. In the coffee shop on the door, I saw her. Days! She is so beautiful, like LiJiaXin appearance, especially is not full a hold of small pretty waist put my inexplicable crush, that moment, I had decided that she was my life of the most important part.

Soon, we get married, I by an "million from the leaf, flower had not touch the body" prodigal, become a home good man. His wife is a company's business backbone, the pressure of work that she had a lot of girls all has, once in a bad mood, use sweets comfort own custom, with his promotion, she demands more and more, work seem to never done, love eating habits are also more and more serious. Gradually, have been putting on weight, his wife always ask me "I now whether very fat?" I never answer is "no, it's been too thin, I like ZhuYuanYuRun woman". Later, his wife was pregnant, his wife is only daughter, I again is the eldest son, two of us family speaking, wife belly of children are our two of the only one first generation. Wife like pandas as countless people meticulous care of, enjoying the highest-level care, countless high-calorie foods like duck as we even coax bring cheat, extremely use up questioning the top, but can dunk wife's mouth. October childbirth, my son was born, to let the child adequate nutrition, the wife is flying in the sky except the airplanes, swim in water, besides the steamers, four legs except bench outside to eat times. But her figure already and that year, almost totally and QiYouTong can with other players.

When I am in the unit also got a promotion, double luck, wife and I are source. But happy days not long ago, my work also gradually busy, everyday reception not over of customers, daily Guang kicker crisscross, occasionally will travel. Wife: I began to doubt that is oneself fat, not beautiful, for I have no attraction, once seemed born confidence is also and beautiful together disappeared. She began to check my phone, no matter what, my whereabouts investigation at any time, even though I explained again and again, but she what all don't listen, gradually, I also lazy explanation, I from initial to outside phatic became reluctant to go home. Occasionally go home, a battle royal will burst, both verbal outbursts, racked his word to find most hurt stimulate each other, also in hurt yourself. Finally, one day, we all noisy tired, don't know is who first say "we get a divorce" atmosphere suddenly depressing terrible, is like a thunderstorm ahead of desolation. Then a few days of the cold war, who also no mention of divorce, but it seems that things are waiting to this day.

The wife of unit in double repairing date organized an expanding training, this is a half is training, the half is tourism activities, they must take unit provisions partner, although I very don't want to go, but think of this probably last and she go out for travel, maybe is just to memorial I that the end of marriage, I agreed with her.

Training in a very beautiful forest park, the workmen who were very excited, but we both but no words and all the way to call a hidden weapon hole scenic spots, this is a entrance is very small, but inside very spacious, don't have a pair of hole of place. Entrance only let no one side, the people in front of a crowded go in, wife was stuck in entrance, although have her and me a few friends desperately push, but still not dilemma, her colleagues burst into laughter, wife embarrassing face be red, more siming struggles, while they laugh more greatly. Looking at his wife's appearance, I could not help but a heartache, and to her colleagues crazy roar a sentence slang "smile what laugh? Smile you big ye of!" Then tried to pull out the hole and wife to her colleagues glaring at each other. The wife took my hand "you don't do this!"

Never smiled, wife several phase good friends also complaining about those colleagues, the wife is holding hands, refused to relax, I see clearly had her eyes flashing, is something bright in tears?

Training is very strict also very exciting, wife because fat, the movement to be very awkward. In the afternoon, the high altitude project, the first is the air above the ground broken bridge, 8 meters height in a steel structures broken bridge, the middle one metre 5 distance is not QiaoBan impending, standing in the air was very scary. His wife in front of colleagues coach's encouragement and even Wakefield jump past, minority didn't jump past, have also been a double protect ropes hanging in the air, and then gently on the ground. Wheel to wife, perhaps because of weight, perhaps because of fear, I saw his wife in the legs and QiaoBan simultaneously fast-flowing eddies created severe tremble, and I have seen almost choked, I can imagine his wife now fear, she peacetimes are very afraid of high. Hesitate for a long time, at the discretion of urged, she finally jumped up, her feet on the other side of the board only boarded edge, suddenly, his wife fell from the broken bridge on that moment, I instinctively flew past, with the body of the broken bridge under the mat. But his wife did not fall on the ground, protect the rope will firmly tugging at the wife, but the two midair pull protection rope face suppress elephant pig liver security officer, both feet is already in training in the soft soil. I quickly climbed, help security officer pulled protection rope, when the wife foot came into contact with the ground, we three people were tired of sitting and dropped to the ground. The crowd first the silence of death, suddenly applause and laughter like thunder.On the way home, my wife said nothing along the way, just grab my hand, gently on my shoulder. After I get home, wife and I passionate kissing could, I warmly of nearly rough response, I suddenly a bit not true feeling that this feeling I seem to have forgotten that for a long time, a little already familiar and unfamiliar. Wife suddenly resolutely say "I should reduce weight!" Although I don't think it's necessary, but again not bear to blow her, then after that time everywhere in search of thin body way.

His wife's attitude firmly scary. Finally in the friend's recommendation she decided to order online thin U card OB sign albumen factor two boxes. On the way to a hospital, his wife has been said the joke, but I know she was nervous, her nails have to dig broke the back of my hand. Arrive at the hospital, the expert seriously listened to our story, he specialized and enthusiastic attitude of relieve my tension to almost the collapse of nerve, then give her to do a series of tests, worked out a detailed, thoughtful surgical programme.

The wife before surgery, the unit has a very important business to business, and I will go to several months and I difficult, because this business I follow for a long time, if I do not go, besides losing a rare opportunity erase any beyond, still will be caused to the company is very severe losses, substitution is also very bad to do, because it is difficult to accept new each other, but if you go to the wife in the need to take care when I not at nearby, I also in heart uneasiness. Wife know then encourage me out, I understand she hopes to give me a surprise, want to let my back to see a and now very different himself. But she doesn't understand, whether she comming to, she was my life in the most important part of it.

Four months later, I finally successfully completed the task, then a phrase used on the network language "thunderbolt inferior to the potential of the" flying home, knocking but there was none to open the door, mood such as pledge one piao cold water streams. Take out key in the future, but saw a resembles LiJiaXin long leg beauty wring small pretty waist with net celebrity "sister lotus" habitual s-type lean on a wall and stand. I was stunned, time seems to flow back, I as if returned to a few years ago, the first time in a coffee shop doorway saw a fine waist long legs long-haired no.19 girl in waved to me. "Fool, haven't seen?" Wife use forefinger lit my forehead, I return to absolute being "yes, haven't seen ah, first see beauty, miss?" I play the forth jokingly. "Can't again and I'm divorced?" Wife supinely begin and I looked at her eyes "silly wench, whether you is what appearance, you are my favorite baby!" His wife's eyes flickering with tears, "love and figure matter?" "No?" His wife asked in return, "there is?" "No?" As "exaggeration west" in the sovereign treasure and the bodhi old zu that about love never solution, but now I know the problem, I have already got the answer.