Life has a sorry


Before the age of 15, he had some extravagant life day. His parents were somebodies of the small town, along with his growth of course happens.it compliment flatteries. Until one day night, the procuratorate of people knock at the door of the house. He turned and saw the parents pale of face, he ambiguously feel life from now will drive a change of direction.

The next day, people avoid them like the same athel loren deserted him. Until one day, his doorstep sit a school, RenGaoMaDa country women. It is his aunt in grandpa's funeral, he had seen her.

She slipped into shoot off soil, was loud ground to say: "small sea, I'm here to meet you." He suddenly squatting on the earth began to cry, these days, was never give him a good face. Woman pull his shoulder, saying: "the big fella, cry well, it was not what has hands have feet, collapsed."

He followed her came to the foot of a hill &beside a stream is called the north xing tuen place, walk into a like a foot, tread down the low house before, she turned to him, saying, got home. Then a voice cried GaoYiSheng low two ya. He leng, such house can also live? House come out of the two men, one is to drink a little dizzy uncle, one is black and thin girl is wearing a big, baggy ground cloth shan. Obviously, it is her aunt's clothes.

Aunt a home carry the hogwash barrels to feed the pigs, bristle also follow ring out: "if I be not at home, the pig have to starve. I married into your old wu, really down BaBeiZi mouldproof. What f didn't enjoy, still have to do such things raising children especially wipe..."


Want to mother, he took her mother controls. She smoke HanYan, a mouth rhubarb teeth, seems to be the stomach bad, eating meals constantly hiccups, a few cents a bag of the cover of the stomach flat she ate handfuls. A four mouth people squeezed in a big closely, he is not a habit, especially she touches the kang, shout just played mountain trembled. And my mother always gentle smile, never speak loudly, is reprimanded those who come to family, are also smile, undertone, but can let bearer emitted a perspiration.

Soon, he to the nearby villages of middle school school. A small town teaching quality is good, and his grades in the village middle school nature is the best.

The next summer, she threw to him a sickle, said: "don't at home ChiXianFan, maize fields all the grass to eat seedlings." He first enter one high cornfield, corn pecked branches are linked together, the full wafer cornfield like a close windtight steamer, the man went in frowsty gets breathless. She cut over 3 ridges, he didn't even half a loaf of ridges, she returns to cut out, mouth scold: "is your family LaoWu it.why what not, eat what what not remnant!" He listened, silent, crazy blows of his sickle mowing the lawn.

At the end of the summer vacation, he has been like TunZi children in the same dark tan, thin arm also become stout. He did her broken half of the broken mirror think: or in this life, we must in north xing in line when a chariot now.

Next, peacetime stingy have a penny will break in half spent her pull a 50 yuan of money to him and say: "you go back in the street, otherwise MaiMai point Popsicle next semester you spend what."

He hesitated, two ya took money, said: "elder brother, I go with you."50 yuan on the whole bag Popsicle. He first back so heavy and cold things, back to the village, tired and cold. Then, he from house to house to sell. That, in addition to return her 50 yuan, he has earned more than 30 dollars. This is him in this life first money, just, that money in his pocket Wu hot, hasn't she killed to go. See her beafsteak spittle counted the money in my heart when he despised, had never seen anything so vulgar gold digger.

In his eyes, she's biggest hobby is counting money, she said: "saved up enough money, I also cover it three big old, let the person in the TunZi all looking at jealous." Uncle beside the hey hey smile. Her feet chuai past, "if you drink less a few bottles of horse urine, my house early up."


His parents' decision down, and his father's life, the mother is 15 years. This means that the before adulthood, he can only stay in her here. Hear that the verdict, she and scold "down BaBeiZi mildew" word. His silence, more DiMeiShunYan.

Longitudinal is days, he was admitted to the tough county best high school. Back home, he always agree tardy said. So take money when life of woman, how willing to pay he was sent away to school? That day, she FengFengHuoHuo from outside back, seized is chop hogwash dish to his ears, said leveret zai son, old huang home two boy examination high school grades were hair down several days, you can't be what also did not take an examination? He YiPian, and chop the knife to hand, blood drips down, tears streaming down too. She turned round, from the hearth clawed a bit ash, help him according to the bench, still ask: "days didn't fall down, have hands have feet, you cry a what? What exam did not take an examination of?"
He put the bag of notification and throw it to her, her face at once just a flower, go out stood outside the hospital poor cracking: my home is admitted to small sea than the old one, county hundred points higher than yellow home boy, gee!

High school before the start of that night, she gave him a MaoPiao examination papers, said saving dot flower, I don't like your parents, not open a bank, no man sent. He looked up and watched her ithad a face, say: "you let me on high school?"

She said: "yes, I owing you old wu, this life 's debts? You guys here to ask for my money spirits is driving me to eat."

His days have got them, as long as the college entrance examination, apply for a student loan, he can never leave north xing tuen mun. The scenery here every beauty is the city said, to let them live day line, let them live YiNianBanZai try?


He went to college, each holiday all excuses to stay in school work, do not go back.

She began asking him for money, with all kinds of excuses. He made a project, earn money. In saving money, his mind move, take out 10,000 pieces, wrote her name send back. From then on, between them both, finally can no longer with her involvement. But he did not feel relaxed.
This world, since there is no relatives, I wonder why, he suddenly gutty and helpless feeling. Turned around and saw a peasant cuisine, he went in to a plate of vegetable stew barbecue. Come up, completely not her to do the same. He thought of receiving admission notice, she went out after a few days, dusty, come back from his pocket a bankroll triangle, say: "you daddy your mom finally didn't white mix, he who gather together a bunch of rascals money, let you go to college."

He don't overdo, tears shed face.

Once, he met his father in the town of former best friend, he said: "thank you gather together the money. Now I graduated from university." The person face oblivious to: "you go to university? What time?"

He comprehended, that kind of instant why the levite and not fair-weather friends local investment?Received his money, she calls, mouth say: "the rabbit, you tell you that conscienceless parents chose the same, know money hit. What did you want to see them ye dying to take a look, they are not..." Say, she was crying.

He went to the prison, and he saw his mother, and his mother had no formerly domination, but told him: "small sea unto her, and better, she not easy! I good, she came to me and said to build houses, borrow some money, I didn't borrow... I have an accident, have never thought she would take you connect back. Even a thatched tents, can let you live, can give you LongKou eat for rice, I really appreciate it."
His tears in eyes in turn, over the years, she won't eat don't wear, but never lack of his business. He returned to north xing, see the tuen mun one foot can pour heart, the MaoCaoFang tread the incredibly warm.

She didn't throw in, in the courtyard with no chop finished hogwash dishes. His neighbor said, you back, you go quickly, you neither dying.

His feet suddenly soft, so there is no chiders, how can she angry anymore?

In his hospital corridor heard her in scold the doctor: "I YaoMeiFen lifetime what have never seen, want to deceive me money, no way! My money that can be useful, I will cover three big old? Back mountain, all of the same red brick..."

He stood in front of her, said: "neither, za room tomorrow will cover, I look for person cover."

She looked at him for a few seconds, is still scold: "you this small rabbit, I for you to eat for you to drink for you to go to college, you a walk even a message all have no, you still have no conscience?" Scold scold, her eyes and nose flowing down together.

Come out, sunshine is still from, two ya with behind him. He asked: "she what disease?"

"Stomach. Elder brother, don't you know how much she miss you, you don't know how much she hurts you. She asks you for the money, she didn't spend a point is to see a doctor so tightly, she never let's move. My niang said, this is to save you get married the money, she was worried that you have no money, also like brother-in-law as crooked road walk..."

He raised his head, think such tears wouldn't fall down, but those tears, after so many years of accumulation, finally unbridled ground down. This life, he was destined to have a sorry!