25 + light ripe female winter clothing is tie-in

Different age paragraph the woman, send out the temperament and feeling are also different, seventeen-and eighteen-year-old youthful vitality of the United States, in their early 20s bud of beauty; and after twenty-five light at the ripe in life and work on all have certain of accumulation, at this time the pursuit is increasingly atmospheric dignified beauty, winter how can wear a belong to our own unique fashion temperament? Today a look of a few spread degree rather high winter vogue collocation:
01 very have fashionable romantic light grey knitted sweater, get a department to add some more highlights the PI cao of atmospheric gracefuls and aesthetic feeling, delicate makeup look and sweet Korean bud head to let whole looks feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood.
02 whole body and full of today season big heat fashionable element, "A font" black double platoon to buckle long suit able-mindedness handsome, unlcerc mix build leopard grain bud silk nepotism give feminine taste, PI cao and knitting splicing personality collar keep warm and fashion.
03 konjac Color coat is very NeZi are amorous feelings, unique Color is no ordinary little girl can easily control the lip colour, inside take red knitting line skirt carry bright integral colour, and it's minus age effect oh ~
04 style quite chic of a feather looks a bit bulky without losing cleverly, waist and collarband bowknot is very eye-catching, even the cap to get a department of the white rabbit hair edge make you look Edward Chen, tie-in large red ear set of quick and bright eyes.
05 new jin ranked in the ranks of the HOT big turndown has been well received by the love light ripe female, especially with shammy splicing lambs MAO, the half the most effective combination of printing chiffon skirt is like concealed particularly provocative, blackish green color massiness scarf is also highlights.
06 very fashionable alternative the whole attire, noble goat skins and also luxuriant PI cao splicing, constitute a beautiful peerless bond girl outfit, one portion attitudinal three points and sexy, tie-in amaranth cowhide bundle was really big snowboarding progresses feeling oh ~


In han drama of the most photographed render unlined upper garment

Winter coat is dazzling lets a person eye, actually picked in the render unlined upper garment choice is also great article oh, like watching Korean dramas MMS will find inside heroine whatever wears outside inside take more exquisite, is very tasty, today small make up for everybody collected in han drama of a few of the most photographed a few to render unlined upper garment, hope to everybody and dressing can help oh ~
01 very beauties the temperament of a render the dress, blackish green color coat matching grey skirts are intellectual flavor, chest with black silk lace dignified and refined, the unique accept waist designs highlights the waist charming lines, this body costume can be used as daily commuting pack or shopping party wear are very appropriate.
02 apricot long money cultivate one's morality hollow-out sweater, but this season knitting: oh, very big heat adjacent home girl sweet flavor and quite has the affinity, both single wear or by coat good-looking, tie-in and tight pants and render unlcerc tall canister boots can let you look very conspicuous.
03 in winter can occasionally bold attempt color bright point under the render of unlined upper garment, for example of this apple green stripe render unlined upper garment, let you look fresh and natural, not only raises is still very have reduced age effect will ~
04 of this pink fleece connects body skirt in han drama is extremely high, photographed with its classical contracted fashion is too all's favour, hubble-bubble sleeve and PI cao's combination follows fashion trend, sending out deeply fair maiden temperament makes no matter who cannot resist.
05 with large LOGO design render paragraph guard coat in young MM very popular among, comb a bud head or optional collocation of a grasp of clothing, all diino who made you look very recreational and fashionable feeling, deserve to go up again a heavy stick knitting great muffler both keep warm and handsome.
06 is one paragraph by light ripe female with professional breath and-that dress, the flower that hubble-bubble sleeve skirt NeZi splicing black body very explicit slim waist double superposition design, elegant and distinctive, the chest of a flower petal add make you more classical gracefuls and temperament.
07 this last paragraph high-necked knitting manual twist render unlined upper garment, absolutely is 100% joker weapon, the audience is one of the highest rate, no matter NeZi coat or coats, whether fair maiden style or walk neuter line, can help you wear build ideal effect, but small make up not too suggested everybody sheet, wear out, because of easy cause too drab depressing feeling.


Walk Down the Aisle With a Christian Louboutin Replica

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Androgynous model Andrej Pejic for Marc by Marc Jacobs

Andrej Pejic is set to appear in Marc by Marc Jacobs Campaign. By looking at Andrej’s photo, no one can figure out what’s very special about this model.

Andrej Pejic is proud owner of good looks, great body, a long-legged blond with full lips and cheekbones to die for.

But the interesting and head turning fact about Marc Jacobs’s new face is that Andrej is a Male Model. Surprised??

andrej pejic for for marc by marc jacobs

This 19-year-old male model is famous name in male modeling for his androgynous looks and is now ready to flaunt his girlish good looks in Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 Ad Campaign.

Marc Jacobs himself recently appeared on Industrie magazine cover in drag. Accompanying Feminine-faced model Andrej Pejic in Marc by Marc Jacobs campaign will be fellow hot blonde Ginta Lapina.

androgynous model andrej pejic

So, get ready to check out him in Marc by Marc Jacobs as well as in Jean Paul Gaultier spring 2011 campaign posing alongside Karolina Kurkova.


This tree only a fruit, called the trust

Modern friendship, very strong and very fragile. It is world treasure, need we cherish. Friendship incommunicable sex, determines that it is a only existing copy books. We can and different people have different friendship, but we will not with the same person has different friendship. Friendship is a more dig deeper roadway, no quarrels can walk, deep and eternal friendship is like hatred is same, no teeth unforgettable.
Friendship this tree only "a fruit, called the trust. Red apple tree only to irrigation of taste. Other people pick to bite and probably acid poured teeth.
Friendship cannot inherit the chains of, non-transferable, not affix seals stored without decay, not frozen in the refrigerator fresh for ever.
Friendship needs and nourishing. Some people use money, some people with sweat, others with blood. Friendship is very greedy and never satisfied with meal wind drink dew. Friendship is the most simple but also the most extravagant nutrition, need to use the time to irrigation. Friendship must declare, friendship must listen, friendship must talk moment binocular stare, friendship need to listen at all ears. Friendship sometimes is less vulnerable, a casual words, can make the building suddenly collapsed. Friendship sometimes is as easy to deteriorate, an unconfirmed rumors, can let whole basin sour milk. This world are developing rapidly. In what is all the more modern better times, only friendship, people keep the old rules. Friends are like cultural relic, more old more precious.
Gift is divided into two kinds, one kind is practical, one kind is symbolic.
Me encanta hacerme practical gift.
Not only because it can provide for the friend establishment desirable service function, more because I consider of self-interest.
At the moment we are friends, ten years after may not be a friend.
Even if you loyalty, the other party may have forgotten.
Into ruin with the time gift, expressing my moment goodwill, and give friends may dine can be pleasing to the eye can ha ha a smile or staring intently value, although be a one-off, also beautiful memories, my heart is sufficient. Symbolic significance of old, if people do not value the gift, keep the friendship is awkward. Or lost or destroyed, all is the object of sorrow, my heart at a distance, trembling.
If to his own gift, or symbolic significance. For example a pebble leaf, the others think that ordinary, one of the wonderful meaning only oneself know.
Telephone directory is a storage friend's magic box, if I meet with difficulties, will to send their SOS. A fear of lonely subconscious, like hibernate insects dormant in mind ga. Your life, disappear is years, harvest are friends. Although I sometimes days different any friend contact, but I know yourself firmly adhesion YuYouYi network among.
Concern this matter, is really making enemies. I don't believe there is a permanent interests, I more treasure friendship sharing weal and woe. Fresh history, not haggle over every penny of benefit, but treating each other with uncommon kindness, and friends straight-out communication, we hold to true sensitive, will make our eyes erased, cheerful mood again clouds.


Christmas is how to wear

Long-expected Christmas soon approaching fast, brewing has long holiday carnival atmosphere ticking, about how to best state appear in this crowd during the occasions? And how to grasp moderate principle make you look beautiful but again already tightly.spread holiday theme would not show excessive exaggerated? Today small make up to teach you how to wear build festival amorous feelings make you stand out in the crowd:

01 first recommended little red cotton-padded jacket, quilting paint eider down this season, the most popular actor will you look foil to be extremely ruddy, built-in lambs mauri lining is warm and have fashionable feeling, tie-in red plaid shirt looks leisure brim, very festal breath of this body wear dress up New Year is very practical also oh ~

02 Christmas how can the milu deer and less XueHuaNe, with strong festival pattern but Christmas to play the part of beautiful best weapon oh, unusual plan of red and green matchs quite assertive, without other redundant deserve to act the role of, only this gown will will bring out Feeling gorgeous holidays.

03 grid is winter coat big heat paragraph, black resin large buttons, loose sleeves particularly eye-catching design looks very has the vigor, PiDuanKu, lake blue alligator-skin satchel and PI cao beret together wear build Christmas tide of wind.

04 festival the active atmosphere also cannot defend clothing to join, this kind of white kanway guard coat but young MM, no matter the favorite pants skirt collocation good-looking, in addition, bushy ear jacket and the combination HuaLiLi hat to help you also makes his debut.

05 season as great as hot thick stick knitting sweater is openly selection as Christmas beautiful outfit with red scarf, is one of the big to bring a whole wipe bright color, tie-in guard coat or even inside body skirt is very good-looking, pedal big black boots can make you look and cool and type.


Life is a sojourner in

Fresh you happy all can't make you happy, fresh all your mourning cannot make you sad, even anger you all can't provoke you, isn't that a scary thought? A philosopher once said: this is called old.

To think of you, your name, your smile, you all, all can only plus a "others".

To think of us together, also can add a "once".

Some feelings is fingernail, cut will also born again, not always. And some feelings is lost teeth, after a painful wound forever beyond repair.

Don't meet is not equal to heed, not just to disguise be sentimentally attached to contact.

Some people face much laughing because their hearts have too many tears.

Life has a place, there is a man who, in this man, can not have ambition, need not have image, may all was weaknesses, this is confidant.

Everyone at each stage must do each stage, even miss, have to leave.

Only you don't want to put, without you can not let go.

Many people, many things, the original is familiar, think tomorrow can continue. Then turned temporarily letting go, think is the tomorrow and the reunion of hope. The sun went down to rise again, before all those things, can no longer experiences. Those people, from now on with you goodbye.

Sometimes don't know the truth, do not understand the nature of are happy. And can pretended not to know the truth, do not understand the nature of, but the happiness.

Like a lively party just ends, went away, the lights went out, the darkness left you a person... Man can sometimes need in lonesomely to stone. Only from blatant into silence, you will focus your mind.

Right time, meet the right person, happy in all one's life.
To the time, meets the wrong person, is a heartache.
The wrong time, meets the wrong person, is a section of absurdity.
The wrong time, meets to the human, is the life is sigh.

Life constantly someone leave or enter. Then, see the unseen; Remember, and forgotten. Life constantly is gain and loss. Hence, invisible, seen it, Forget, remember. However, those out of sight, are they really not there? Remember, will they last forever?

I have been reluctant to admit that you are a sojourner in my life.

Foreer, hopefully, static stability of earthly good years, everyday can see him smile.

If with the final will be barren, and perhaps tomorrow departure, see a ChengShan long water far, and return is forever.

Yet, there is a future after the youth to spend. Reality is very poor, ideal is very rich.

When you are on my side, I began to nostalgia, because I know you are about to leave. - milan kundera

We have been walking too far that he forgot, why and start. - JiBoLun

Buddha smiled: love because mutual appreciation and started, because move and love, because each other without and married, but more importantly need tolerance and understanding, habits and adaptation will work life.

My favorite have your city.I love you. Maybe this is the biggest regret, because of heart, never lawsuit and you.

Love a person, don't literally hand, more do not easily let go!

In this world, there are some cannot reach place. Can't get close to the person. Cannot be done. Cannot possess feelings. Can't repair defects.

When he finally says to you "your name, my surname", he finally don't cover on others, he may not ever. Just, then, whether can really enough?

In that nothing is certain, we always love too late, give up too fast and easily pay promises, and do not want to wait for the results.

Ring, is no longer a promise of life, lifelong mutually guard oath, but became a memorial sad mark.

Like someone said: ring is like love, wear in the hand, also wear in heart; Injury in my heart, and also injury in hand. Daren't touch the heart wounds; Wouldn't pick, was that difficult pieces of love.

Someone says to the heart, blood is the ring on the fourth finger, you know how much I think in this life, exhausting, firmly tethered to live your ring finger!

If love let me go, I'll spell to love end.

Time has passed, love is thin, love the people also broke up.

Some people are always be engraved on life, even forgot his voice forgot his smile forget his face, but every time I think about him, feel, but never changed.

Once thought you is a kite, I'm hand that thread, no matter which direction you fly, I finally is you belong. Now finally understand, if love you, you should not define you.


Love and figure is irrelevant

Wife and I encounter quite a bit the first intimate contact "flavour, we were a net friend, after several times and" dinosaur "meeting after, I have a bit of and net friend meet vague fear, but her on the network so special that I risked again and dinosaurs have a date of danger, invited her to meet. After several times, the more inspired refused my curiosity, in my repeated the invitation after, she finally agreed to meet me. In the coffee shop on the door, I saw her. Days! She is so beautiful, like LiJiaXin appearance, especially is not full a hold of small pretty waist put my inexplicable crush, that moment, I had decided that she was my life of the most important part.

Soon, we get married, I by an "million from the leaf, flower had not touch the body" prodigal, become a home good man. His wife is a company's business backbone, the pressure of work that she had a lot of girls all has, once in a bad mood, use sweets comfort own custom, with his promotion, she demands more and more, work seem to never done, love eating habits are also more and more serious. Gradually, have been putting on weight, his wife always ask me "I now whether very fat?" I never answer is "no, it's been too thin, I like ZhuYuanYuRun woman". Later, his wife was pregnant, his wife is only daughter, I again is the eldest son, two of us family speaking, wife belly of children are our two of the only one first generation. Wife like pandas as countless people meticulous care of, enjoying the highest-level care, countless high-calorie foods like duck as we even coax bring cheat, extremely use up questioning the top, but can dunk wife's mouth. October childbirth, my son was born, to let the child adequate nutrition, the wife is flying in the sky except the airplanes, swim in water, besides the steamers, four legs except bench outside to eat times. But her figure already and that year, almost totally and QiYouTong can with other players.

When I am in the unit also got a promotion, double luck, wife and I are source. But happy days not long ago, my work also gradually busy, everyday reception not over of customers, daily Guang kicker crisscross, occasionally will travel. Wife: I began to doubt that is oneself fat, not beautiful, for I have no attraction, once seemed born confidence is also and beautiful together disappeared. She began to check my phone, no matter what, my whereabouts investigation at any time, even though I explained again and again, but she what all don't listen, gradually, I also lazy explanation, I from initial to outside phatic became reluctant to go home. Occasionally go home, a battle royal will burst, both verbal outbursts, racked his word to find most hurt stimulate each other, also in hurt yourself. Finally, one day, we all noisy tired, don't know is who first say "we get a divorce" atmosphere suddenly depressing terrible, is like a thunderstorm ahead of desolation. Then a few days of the cold war, who also no mention of divorce, but it seems that things are waiting to this day.

The wife of unit in double repairing date organized an expanding training, this is a half is training, the half is tourism activities, they must take unit provisions partner, although I very don't want to go, but think of this probably last and she go out for travel, maybe is just to memorial I that the end of marriage, I agreed with her.

Training in a very beautiful forest park, the workmen who were very excited, but we both but no words and all the way to call a hidden weapon hole scenic spots, this is a entrance is very small, but inside very spacious, don't have a pair of hole of place. Entrance only let no one side, the people in front of a crowded go in, wife was stuck in entrance, although have her and me a few friends desperately push, but still not dilemma, her colleagues burst into laughter, wife embarrassing face be red, more siming struggles, while they laugh more greatly. Looking at his wife's appearance, I could not help but a heartache, and to her colleagues crazy roar a sentence slang "smile what laugh? Smile you big ye of!" Then tried to pull out the hole and wife to her colleagues glaring at each other. The wife took my hand "you don't do this!"

Never smiled, wife several phase good friends also complaining about those colleagues, the wife is holding hands, refused to relax, I see clearly had her eyes flashing, is something bright in tears?

Training is very strict also very exciting, wife because fat, the movement to be very awkward. In the afternoon, the high altitude project, the first is the air above the ground broken bridge, 8 meters height in a steel structures broken bridge, the middle one metre 5 distance is not QiaoBan impending, standing in the air was very scary. His wife in front of colleagues coach's encouragement and even Wakefield jump past, minority didn't jump past, have also been a double protect ropes hanging in the air, and then gently on the ground. Wheel to wife, perhaps because of weight, perhaps because of fear, I saw his wife in the legs and QiaoBan simultaneously fast-flowing eddies created severe tremble, and I have seen almost choked, I can imagine his wife now fear, she peacetimes are very afraid of high. Hesitate for a long time, at the discretion of urged, she finally jumped up, her feet on the other side of the board only boarded edge, suddenly, his wife fell from the broken bridge on that moment, I instinctively flew past, with the body of the broken bridge under the mat. But his wife did not fall on the ground, protect the rope will firmly tugging at the wife, but the two midair pull protection rope face suppress elephant pig liver security officer, both feet is already in training in the soft soil. I quickly climbed, help security officer pulled protection rope, when the wife foot came into contact with the ground, we three people were tired of sitting and dropped to the ground. The crowd first the silence of death, suddenly applause and laughter like thunder.On the way home, my wife said nothing along the way, just grab my hand, gently on my shoulder. After I get home, wife and I passionate kissing could, I warmly of nearly rough response, I suddenly a bit not true feeling that this feeling I seem to have forgotten that for a long time, a little already familiar and unfamiliar. Wife suddenly resolutely say "I should reduce weight!" Although I don't think it's necessary, but again not bear to blow her, then after that time everywhere in search of thin body way.

His wife's attitude firmly scary. Finally in the friend's recommendation she decided to order online thin U card OB sign albumen factor two boxes. On the way to a hospital, his wife has been said the joke, but I know she was nervous, her nails have to dig broke the back of my hand. Arrive at the hospital, the expert seriously listened to our story, he specialized and enthusiastic attitude of relieve my tension to almost the collapse of nerve, then give her to do a series of tests, worked out a detailed, thoughtful surgical programme.

The wife before surgery, the unit has a very important business to business, and I will go to several months and I difficult, because this business I follow for a long time, if I do not go, besides losing a rare opportunity erase any beyond, still will be caused to the company is very severe losses, substitution is also very bad to do, because it is difficult to accept new each other, but if you go to the wife in the need to take care when I not at nearby, I also in heart uneasiness. Wife know then encourage me out, I understand she hopes to give me a surprise, want to let my back to see a and now very different himself. But she doesn't understand, whether she comming to, she was my life in the most important part of it.

Four months later, I finally successfully completed the task, then a phrase used on the network language "thunderbolt inferior to the potential of the" flying home, knocking but there was none to open the door, mood such as pledge one piao cold water streams. Take out key in the future, but saw a resembles LiJiaXin long leg beauty wring small pretty waist with net celebrity "sister lotus" habitual s-type lean on a wall and stand. I was stunned, time seems to flow back, I as if returned to a few years ago, the first time in a coffee shop doorway saw a fine waist long legs long-haired no.19 girl in waved to me. "Fool, haven't seen?" Wife use forefinger lit my forehead, I return to absolute being "yes, haven't seen ah, first see beauty, miss?" I play the forth jokingly. "Can't again and I'm divorced?" Wife supinely begin and I looked at her eyes "silly wench, whether you is what appearance, you are my favorite baby!" His wife's eyes flickering with tears, "love and figure matter?" "No?" His wife asked in return, "there is?" "No?" As "exaggeration west" in the sovereign treasure and the bodhi old zu that about love never solution, but now I know the problem, I have already got the answer.


Winter cold warm necessary coat

Nationwide snow and rain let us deeply feel the cold in the winter, against the brunt is to want to make cold cold warm prominently, let's have a look warm warm coat it necessary coat:

01 stereo pocket, carves figure of metal buckles, concise version to appearing in the delicate. Garment body hat to join the lambs MAO bladder, give you more comprehensive care.

02 integral plus cotton design, inside and hat joined the lambs MAO bladder, not only bring you different temperament, and super warm feeling! With a handsome leisure fan, this winter is not too cold!

03 rich soft greasy hair, forming the extremely good sense of collars, keep warm and have a type. Long rubber gear zipper, can change the garment body length, collected brief paragraph of refining, grows the brim, along with the gender inclinations build two kinds of disparate style!

04 classy simulation maomao collar, smooth, soft wool is qualitative, detachable design more show optional individuality. Collar delay under single cloth buckle, match with bowknot foil, all show the fair maiden wind, will sweet feeling deduced to get incisively and vividly!

05 classic fashionable brief paragraph NeDaYi, LiLing handsome have a type. Proper foil the hem of slender waist, texture smooth black buttons and ascension of qiu dong luxuriant vision.

06 small LiLing design, warm and over, the more foil spell able temperament. With lumbar line naturally formed drape, let the body and type more show grow up tall.

7 never out of woollen coat, join with cap and ox horn buckle classic fashionable element, reveal big-name demeanor. Hat joined the texture lightsome soft maomao, fluffy clever, quite a little enthusiasm.


Lohas skincare view easily calm face problems

LOHAS, is a western coming from emerging lifestyle groups, by transliteration "LOHAS", "LOHAS" is an English Lifestyles of Sustainability and be abbreviated, meaning to Health and self-sufficient form a life. Lohas skincare ideas are same, advocate everyone need not too care about those you hard to change the face problems, such as black rim of the eye, wrinkles, a change of style and attitude to face them, you will find that actually easier to solve the problem.

01 black rim of the eye is enemy? Actually cover line

Which women don't hate black rim of the eye? Who does not know to want to have enough sleep, balanced diet, to maintain good mood can effectively eliminate black rim of the eye? But these to often be timing overtime, feed the wuding, work pressure big office worker, deliberately to adjust life rhythm, but is a kind of pressure ah.Christian Louboutin
Lohas idea: use block defect product can naturally black rim of the eye, cover the eyes have look instantly, looks young for several years, the whole people looked at the mirror no black rim of the eye of oneself, the mood becomes happy!
Cover black rim of the eye steps:
Step1: with block defect brush (or lip brush) to block defect product by clicking the in eye head, pouch and eye end this 3 position.
Step2: next pouch position from tears ditch the block defect product press start slowly open, always pressure to eye end dark heavy place, relieve eye prolapse feeling.
Step3: with sponge surplus shielding products printed the upper eyelid, this place easily give oil, such plays a certain role accusing oil.Christian Louboutin Boots

02 leave eye lines, laughing beauty is enough

As the growth of the age, skin ageing, wrinkles is normal phenomenon, especially eye lines, even has many early 20s young MM also not be avoided. Use protect skin to taste to delay and fade fine lines, of course, is the way, but we cannot because too care about it and give yourself more cannot because of pressure, afraid have expression lines and check your smile, facial relax, smiling will beauty!
Lohas idea: laugh stiff or expression unnatural than plain lines ugly many, peacetime in addition to relax the mood, also want conveniently again rest when do facial massage, relax eyebrows, laughing will look better.
Facial stretch massage:
Step1: office worker usually rest got much time, this massage take part in brows, lock eye week and law grains of these 3 position. Mouth cape position with 45 degree Angle oblique upward gimmick to tiras.
Step2: left ring finger and middle finger, the forehead skin upward tiras right forefinger and middle finger around a v-shaped fissure PingLa eyebrows.
Step3: eye week clockwise method light looped, active the cell, the eyes will not on this side ChuiChui.

03 uneven skin tone have what fantastic, wipe a pink is enough

The reason caused by uneven skin tone, quite complicated nutrition of unbalanced, outside pollution, human body detoxification not thoroughly... , making it difficult to deal with this problem, ladies. But what is so amazing? Now who don't for skin dozen bottom before going out, can adjust color of skin, and certain level land against outside pollution.
Lohas idea: now the powdery bottom besides have adjust color of skin, shielding effect, but also prevent bask in, moisturizing and whitening... Many the composition that maintain added in inside, need not worry will harm the skin. So uneven skin tone was no problem, wipe a powdery bottom to you can fix it for you.
Frivolous bottom makeup steps:
Step1: put fluid foundation respectively in facial ministry T word a point and cheek, the two areas can widespread use large sponge daub, and out to the face evenly.
Step2: use powdery cake dedicated sponge with a circle powdery cake, then click the corner position, press as alar, chin and eyes.
Step3: finally don't forget to save on loose powder, let makeup effect more natural, lasting.

04 TaiTouWen terrible? Bang obscure

TaiTouWen appear, acquired factor is less, are generally naturally. Secondly, TaiTouWen generation and facial expressions have great relationship, then we shall have to suppress her facial expression? Such lives much too tired! Experts say TaiTouWen once produced, it can be difficult for maintenance method to eliminate, want to eliminate, go, do BOTX laser or injection, but, think of the last public plastic accident, everyone is afraid of fear.Christian Louboutin Sandals
Lohas idea: cut a bang the forehead, eyebrow all cover, thus easily TaiTouWen problem solving! Today's hairstyle is complete function ", reduce age, thin face, highlight big eyes, etc, you also pick sfrom a paragraph like, change a hairstyle.


Happiness only need a little

If the sky cloud not beautiful, I could not happiness, because there are white clouds,
If the stars do not appear, I could not happiness, because there are quiet night sky,
If the lakes are calm, I could not happiness, because there are calm lake.

Source of happiness in where? Is money the meet or family happiness, or with family happiness? I ever expect too much for happiness, but swimming all day with society and families of valley symphony, I gradually find happiness only need a little.
Happiness only need a little, otherwise, just like put much delicious food, a fresh monosodium glutamate of tasteless. As precious friendship, without glue together every day, just about mutual said mood, happy to share joy; No telephone constantly, need every difficulty, stretch out a hands.

Happiness only need a little, otherwise, just like delicious soup put too much salt in food, it is getting tongue-tied. As if love precious and does not require too much and attentive and sweet, but while sick pass a glass of water, sending two pills, in tears when, pass a towel, to a loving hug.

Happiness only need a little, otherwise, just like hands full some sand, the more wanted to grab tight it, it more in your fingers slide. As if life of valuable, do not need to eat what hog, only need reasonable nutrition food.
In the invasion by floods countrymen, earthquake damage, need not your shirt to donate hundreds of thousands of, only need you dedicate a job can bear's love. On a journey, conveniently pick up the ground of rubbish into the dustbin, for urban beautifying to make a small contribution in life exciting journey, you will realize that happiness jumps.

Happiness only need a little, honour thy father and thy mother, don't need your money and take them home, only need your eclogue greetings and often home to see.
Happiness only need a little, children education, without you everything arranged, just education, he is the person's truth.
Happiness only need a little, I begin to find happiness is only need a little, but the harvest is extremely rich.Christian Louboutin Boots


Next life if I remember you


This afternoon, I again remind of you, can write letters. Circumstances alter cases, those events, but still fresh.

Time passes, fixed in your flying forehead hair, and I, I seem to have forgotten the courage, alone and dragged huge trunk, walk in the foreign street, different, those young full body, don't know where to go.

Dear, do you remember, those childish silly and dreams, if these dreams, we realize how position.

I just want to become a cat, a rather ugly looking free cat. If this is true, then we can huddle together in the sun, mutual licking cheeks MAO, if be all true, that should have much good.

Real hard to avoid disappointment, I even complained before you're not perfect, but you just walked into my life, we become the two tree clung together trees, physical deformities, and branches prosperous.

I remember fifteen winter, you ride bicycle across half a city, just to see P.E. class I clumsy and lively shape. Again still and wait at the school gate, preparing for the warm palms and smile. My fingers are you stick on the face, the snow-flakes fell in your short stiff hair, into glittering and translucent water droplets.

Dear, then I wiped away. So all my life you hold heart, is a how happy things.

Occasionally, we will go to a movie, old cinemas, old old story, I pretended to be very touched by your sleeve to wipe tears, you panic around me, lovely, don't cry. Don't cry.

Several times, you want to kiss a kiss my lips, but I don't understand amorous feelings to interrupt, until you deliberately changed tone, can I ask you? I unwary befuddled, what's the matter? You ask. You sly grin close to my lips, nervous clumsy and somewhat rude, then, you blushed, pretend to regret to say I'm sorry, but I, gou live your neck deep back to kiss you.

Remember that trip? We lost the wallet, id on two pieces of tight tight stick together the black-and-white photo, along with various degrees, lay in a bill not well-known shop, it was raining heavily, we turn to.
The difficulty of life first show spreads, in my pure and sensitive heart, and to lay a sharp tacky mark. But I still holding the same shivering you, just the rain quietly cry.

Later, we and all desire as close partner of early began cohabitation.

Indeed early, in nearby of friend also because from her boyfriend flowers cried, then we can't wait to secondary school physiology no depth of contents on all drill again.

The night when the lights are off, we rented cold and wet garage. Dear, you know? If somebody else say lovers can together, they often cannot separate winter. Cold make person mutual dependence, and we spent at eight, after the winter, you again and who heating?

So of the day sweet dependably, some distress, we also frowned, for me, it is nothing but replace health cotton brand and less buy lipstick sad.

In the lamplight richly counter and I pretended to be proud to turn a blind eye, material of corruption in this moment spread, girls, hard to avoid has somewhat vanity, it happened that my heart is uplifted and ambitious.
That surface delicate looking-glass, impressively marked four digits price. I gingerly tugs at your finger, you but he pretended to be unconscious of go away, tears surge up, all these are not must not, but then, take them and dignity has been linked.

Some things, is predestined, like our meeting, everything is destiny.We still separate, no matter how difficult, no matter what happened, break up two words have burst quarrel not mention, recalling initially, send a small temperament, badgered and divorce you, you pretended to a pair of despair of expression, and nonchalantly said: well, the ball ball unto you.

The ball ball is a small crab, it lives in our watercups, happily to whistle, I smiled down to your bosom, such warmth, once miss will no longer.

A rose forever 990 flower of romance, less after break up the blank, countless traveler came to walk. Ever also someone with a loud cry I love you, also somebody bought ring in my ring finger.

The cold winter, they took me to heating happies and harmonious light ambiguity of the bar, cafe, even hotel. But no one holds my finger posted on the cheeks, ready to temperature and smile and when I go home.

Lady, can you forgive me on impulse ok or not?

Honey, do you remember those two ugly wildcat, the life of the truth, before finally simmered of go away. That piece of forest, playing together in a passion receded, finally learned that, that's just reflected in the wall of the shadow.

Later, I finally understand, everyone's life, will appear such a person, the most the place to start in destiny, with pure wounds, a happy smile.Christian Louboutin Sandals

The rooms, and how many young lover, can hand in hand, no matter old white-headed death disease, whether poor rich, all insist the said 1: I'd love to.

Ok, next life if I remember you, we pledge probably would have the opportunity to achieve.

Dear, I still owe you one, grateful to you, let me know the love.


Woman, more love more realistic

The first game in love, because a look, palpitates under, harvest a smiling face, no who first initiative, only because, move. While crossing the road, toward took hold hands, then use to vomit a babyish of voice say "I love you". Memories, write a love letter frenzy under secretly, and then love began.

The second game in love, originated in a little white. Maybe you are sick of a bowl of porridge, or the rain to pass of the umbrella, might be just a kind word words. Slightly older men if give women personally cooking, meal doing good and bad are not important, the important thing is, can make the man in the woman's eyes tomatoes, is lovely. Anyhow, the real action is always better than thin language come warm, after all which woman is not willing to drag causative agent, a person pull the drawer looking for medicine to eat.Christian Louboutin Boots

Game 3 of the love is a man at work helped you a hand. A tough customer, a demanding boss, a career to turn to the toll-gate, by this time there is man stand out, and help you solve all problems, and carefully caress you grow. You will find that, in fact, than the men in the workplace in life that windbag man reliable in life, only know about what fish how to eat Fried egg, what how man, like the baby self-cultural foothold, looking lovely, but may not bring you flying wings. And workplace man, can not only bring you hard wings, also could bring you fly together. And the scenery, only fly up see to complete.

Game 4 in love, not in the beginning of the end. Because the woman has become mature, wisdom, and know the reality. A man's external with internal, mature woman at a glance look out seven to eight. If is a puerile boys, woman would be fiddled with but not really, because she knows that theverdant things in early years ago is oneself seen through, it can bring short happy but cannot provide permanent happiness; Diligent hundredfold to one thousand a conjugal love of man, perhaps women will be touched, but she also understand, everyday around the wife turn of man, is no business spirit, has no career man too vulgar, settle is take not to go out. Want to make our life better, only to turn their attention to those flying in the sky; the eagle male Can eagle male need not ask knew, they busy, too busy to a message will along while just back. When women will wry smile, in this world, young man, would be romantic, honesty of vulgar, aspirant boring...
Woman, more love more realistic. Reality to, no longer easily to love, Reality, a pair of black eyes to make men in public.

Are no longer in love, because haven't found suits own man appeared; Let a man ashamed, because the woman has enough make oneself survival skill, although these abilities was intended to several men of the church.Christian Louboutin

Don't blame woman reality, women are realistic, but the experienced love wounds, life's efforts. In fact in reality, the woman behind the heart still have a better heshbon, and wing wing with one day, there was a heel oneself is same, try reading sails but still hope man. Also only such men would know a woman why only reality.

Only know a woman why so realistic man, just can give a woman an expected real life.


The old man gained to bed after be critically about details

Wen/red pink beautifuls woman
Early on, also in rural hometown, the town has a name very brim of clothing companies. Because it said is joint venture and Hong Kong. So, took a similar to beauty kenaz such trendy name.
That month, the township of industrial still underdeveloped. The village girl daughter-in-law slack get together, talking and laughing a Lao ke. For now, can enter the company daily, make a buy rouge ShuiFen money, they appear to have enough joy Dan ertertrainment.
Because the clothing company is located in the town government is located. So, the girl in the countryside for't keen company work. In their opinion, into the clothing company one can learn door show spirit of workmanship. Secondly by our own labor can earn some quack new ticket. Plus it live ferial the wind and rain or not, many girls is spelled a life of go toward inside drill.
Wang Juan that year is fresh from school lifo of the company. Wang Juan kremlin but seventeen-and eighteen-year-old, long is almond eye peach gills, pink is tender but person. Her spirit does not belong to that city qing girl ZaYan beauty. But looks special delicacy watery, like a fresh from tree to gather down still taking a layer of light pastel peaches. Let a person the feeling a lot of surge with longing.Christian louboutin Black
Clothing company boss actual is a native of local men. His name though soil drop slag not nice. But, skilled in segregation and alliance is using somewhat ability. Because he could always rely glib tongue empty sets of the white Wolf get money. So, in the township government leaders there is particularly popular.
The boss said had first saw wang Juan, namely color a fan fan of stopped. Put a pair kindly appearance smilingly ask wang Juan in which workshop work. Then he got the wang Juan dry garment company's office, the daily work in addition to pick up some calls a cup of tea, then don't wang Juan fee any strength.
The boss has more than 40 years old that year, more than 40 years and breadth of the country the man natural in life have a lot of experience. He knows a watched pot never boils truth. To wang Juan although already hearts and irregular, but before her put a pair displeasure elders style.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Gradually, wang Juan and boss between intimate up. Before him, jarvenpaa at home. Sometimes offer he said some girl on my mind. See temperature about of time, clothing company boss began to draw the net in. One night, he took to himself in the company called wang Juan's apartment, with putting popular dance and tape-recorder wang Juan grip together taught her to dance.
The boss's apartment has a foot a metre eight big bed, the boss every hop one song took wang Juan rush toward to bed last. By hand with wang Juan stroking as beautiful as the bud of chest to do some suggestive of matter. Until the third time, meaning is confused of wang Juan no strength broke out. So put their gained gave this age enough when his father's men.
After the event, if not wang Juan later fell in love with the boss kiss sister's son. Moreover, two people still have everlasting "hundred eloquently personally. May the seductions at the boss's things wang Juan will always buried deep in the heart. Will quietly marry again, and then, a personal own husband and children, like most of the rural women that flatly light for life.
But, fate are let wang Juan seductions at company boss, but again unconcioursly met from the bottom of a frenzy of love, the boy boy isn't other people, just is clothing company boss's DiQin nephew. The boy has just arrived from army veterans, came to my uncle's company ran procurement business.Christian Louboutin Sandals
Clothing company boss see JiYan, wang Juan after all is oneself play of the woman. Learn the rural people speak is a worthless "break shoe". My sister's condition is not bad yourself, close nephew and grow handsome. Sister early support yourself school ate a lot. Now, helplessly looking at my sister's only son to marry myself played a widow is what reason.
Hence, the boss of heart a horizontal, in for a pound to pour out the sister wang Juan once seductions at his secret. His sister a in response, of course, say what also do not want to marry wang Juan to wife. Wang Juan listen to that after all have really loved her boy say why, I hate company boss after hate to bite broken steel teeth. Lose love wang Juan straight-tempered what all don't, she thought, everyday run police station, public security bureau accuse bishi clothing company old seducing her nbsp132. After all, pure against women will happen to rape relationship can punish. Soon, the clothing company boss custody.
Wang Juan later in the local have no yan meet a man, after the development of Beijing. After a blessing in disguise there met a stone business HeBeiJi man. In Beijing had a family acquired industry. Come back after a pair of dress up, mouth of a lady is fluent mandarin. Clothing company boss squatted for two years after the prison, also be to use his task completion of a township leader gives attractors bail out. But, after coming out of he became is very quiet. Don't love and young girls LaLaCheChe. And he was broken in the village reputation, people always like behind his advice little do reverse refers to material.
A man whether can own use means to come to hand of woman bed wanton exaggerates things? Must know, women into the spilt milk, despair, is spelled a life and put themselves in JueMing death of men do a thorough break.



Life is so choice, a choice, a period of the future, a kind of choice is a challenge.
Today, I again stand at the crossroads, again choices. I where do we go? Maybe there are too many people alive is helpless, really, sometimes I yearn for choice of initiative, but when some choice really appear in front of my eyes when I again would rather receive sentence, hope what I see is already choice, the result of the reality that, I must make decisions, because life is your own. I hate my life now state. Maybe I was too pursuit of perfection, too, but for not perfect life itself, I don't want to choose a compromise. I think according to oneself apiration, am I really wrong? I have not simple child! Isn't my choice really a problem?
Tossing and turning all night, and finally made the choice! Perhaps my choice is wrong, but I won't regret, absolutely not! Perhaps I really should change my life now state. Day after day, the in the mind less easily or depressed, I think this state are always bad, oneself also should well trimmed thoughts, tidy the future life, even if not sure, but prepare is always good. I know the future forever is unclear, I admire those who will future planning of orderly friends. I know that life is will give me gladne choice, there have many new choose waiting for me to make a decision, anyway, I will be brave to walk, although I don't know what will be in the future, but I believe 2012 will not be disaster, I must be in the near future find my own life, even if he is not position is gorgeous, but it's absolutely my wonderful, because I am worked hard for...


Life has a sorry


Before the age of 15, he had some extravagant life day. His parents were somebodies of the small town, along with his growth of course happens.it compliment flatteries. Until one day night, the procuratorate of people knock at the door of the house. He turned and saw the parents pale of face, he ambiguously feel life from now will drive a change of direction.

The next day, people avoid them like the same athel loren deserted him. Until one day, his doorstep sit a school, RenGaoMaDa country women. It is his aunt in grandpa's funeral, he had seen her.

She slipped into shoot off soil, was loud ground to say: "small sea, I'm here to meet you." He suddenly squatting on the earth began to cry, these days, was never give him a good face. Woman pull his shoulder, saying: "the big fella, cry well, it was not what has hands have feet, collapsed."

He followed her came to the foot of a hill &beside a stream is called the north xing tuen place, walk into a like a foot, tread down the low house before, she turned to him, saying, got home. Then a voice cried GaoYiSheng low two ya. He leng, such house can also live? House come out of the two men, one is to drink a little dizzy uncle, one is black and thin girl is wearing a big, baggy ground cloth shan. Obviously, it is her aunt's clothes.

Aunt a home carry the hogwash barrels to feed the pigs, bristle also follow ring out: "if I be not at home, the pig have to starve. I married into your old wu, really down BaBeiZi mouldproof. What f didn't enjoy, still have to do such things raising children especially wipe..."


Want to mother, he took her mother controls. She smoke HanYan, a mouth rhubarb teeth, seems to be the stomach bad, eating meals constantly hiccups, a few cents a bag of the cover of the stomach flat she ate handfuls. A four mouth people squeezed in a big closely, he is not a habit, especially she touches the kang, shout just played mountain trembled. And my mother always gentle smile, never speak loudly, is reprimanded those who come to family, are also smile, undertone, but can let bearer emitted a perspiration.

Soon, he to the nearby villages of middle school school. A small town teaching quality is good, and his grades in the village middle school nature is the best.

The next summer, she threw to him a sickle, said: "don't at home ChiXianFan, maize fields all the grass to eat seedlings." He first enter one high cornfield, corn pecked branches are linked together, the full wafer cornfield like a close windtight steamer, the man went in frowsty gets breathless. She cut over 3 ridges, he didn't even half a loaf of ridges, she returns to cut out, mouth scold: "is your family LaoWu it.why what not, eat what what not remnant!" He listened, silent, crazy blows of his sickle mowing the lawn.

At the end of the summer vacation, he has been like TunZi children in the same dark tan, thin arm also become stout. He did her broken half of the broken mirror think: or in this life, we must in north xing in line when a chariot now.

Next, peacetime stingy have a penny will break in half spent her pull a 50 yuan of money to him and say: "you go back in the street, otherwise MaiMai point Popsicle next semester you spend what."

He hesitated, two ya took money, said: "elder brother, I go with you."50 yuan on the whole bag Popsicle. He first back so heavy and cold things, back to the village, tired and cold. Then, he from house to house to sell. That, in addition to return her 50 yuan, he has earned more than 30 dollars. This is him in this life first money, just, that money in his pocket Wu hot, hasn't she killed to go. See her beafsteak spittle counted the money in my heart when he despised, had never seen anything so vulgar gold digger.

In his eyes, she's biggest hobby is counting money, she said: "saved up enough money, I also cover it three big old, let the person in the TunZi all looking at jealous." Uncle beside the hey hey smile. Her feet chuai past, "if you drink less a few bottles of horse urine, my house early up."


His parents' decision down, and his father's life, the mother is 15 years. This means that the before adulthood, he can only stay in her here. Hear that the verdict, she and scold "down BaBeiZi mildew" word. His silence, more DiMeiShunYan.

Longitudinal is days, he was admitted to the tough county best high school. Back home, he always agree tardy said. So take money when life of woman, how willing to pay he was sent away to school? That day, she FengFengHuoHuo from outside back, seized is chop hogwash dish to his ears, said leveret zai son, old huang home two boy examination high school grades were hair down several days, you can't be what also did not take an examination? He YiPian, and chop the knife to hand, blood drips down, tears streaming down too. She turned round, from the hearth clawed a bit ash, help him according to the bench, still ask: "days didn't fall down, have hands have feet, you cry a what? What exam did not take an examination of?"
He put the bag of notification and throw it to her, her face at once just a flower, go out stood outside the hospital poor cracking: my home is admitted to small sea than the old one, county hundred points higher than yellow home boy, gee!

High school before the start of that night, she gave him a MaoPiao examination papers, said saving dot flower, I don't like your parents, not open a bank, no man sent. He looked up and watched her ithad a face, say: "you let me on high school?"

She said: "yes, I owing you old wu, this life 's debts? You guys here to ask for my money spirits is driving me to eat."

His days have got them, as long as the college entrance examination, apply for a student loan, he can never leave north xing tuen mun. The scenery here every beauty is the city said, to let them live day line, let them live YiNianBanZai try?


He went to college, each holiday all excuses to stay in school work, do not go back.

She began asking him for money, with all kinds of excuses. He made a project, earn money. In saving money, his mind move, take out 10,000 pieces, wrote her name send back. From then on, between them both, finally can no longer with her involvement. But he did not feel relaxed.
This world, since there is no relatives, I wonder why, he suddenly gutty and helpless feeling. Turned around and saw a peasant cuisine, he went in to a plate of vegetable stew barbecue. Come up, completely not her to do the same. He thought of receiving admission notice, she went out after a few days, dusty, come back from his pocket a bankroll triangle, say: "you daddy your mom finally didn't white mix, he who gather together a bunch of rascals money, let you go to college."

He don't overdo, tears shed face.

Once, he met his father in the town of former best friend, he said: "thank you gather together the money. Now I graduated from university." The person face oblivious to: "you go to university? What time?"

He comprehended, that kind of instant why the levite and not fair-weather friends local investment?Received his money, she calls, mouth say: "the rabbit, you tell you that conscienceless parents chose the same, know money hit. What did you want to see them ye dying to take a look, they are not..." Say, she was crying.

He went to the prison, and he saw his mother, and his mother had no formerly domination, but told him: "small sea unto her, and better, she not easy! I good, she came to me and said to build houses, borrow some money, I didn't borrow... I have an accident, have never thought she would take you connect back. Even a thatched tents, can let you live, can give you LongKou eat for rice, I really appreciate it."
His tears in eyes in turn, over the years, she won't eat don't wear, but never lack of his business. He returned to north xing, see the tuen mun one foot can pour heart, the MaoCaoFang tread the incredibly warm.

She didn't throw in, in the courtyard with no chop finished hogwash dishes. His neighbor said, you back, you go quickly, you neither dying.

His feet suddenly soft, so there is no chiders, how can she angry anymore?

In his hospital corridor heard her in scold the doctor: "I YaoMeiFen lifetime what have never seen, want to deceive me money, no way! My money that can be useful, I will cover three big old? Back mountain, all of the same red brick..."

He stood in front of her, said: "neither, za room tomorrow will cover, I look for person cover."

She looked at him for a few seconds, is still scold: "you this small rabbit, I for you to eat for you to drink for you to go to college, you a walk even a message all have no, you still have no conscience?" Scold scold, her eyes and nose flowing down together.

Come out, sunshine is still from, two ya with behind him. He asked: "she what disease?"

"Stomach. Elder brother, don't you know how much she miss you, you don't know how much she hurts you. She asks you for the money, she didn't spend a point is to see a doctor so tightly, she never let's move. My niang said, this is to save you get married the money, she was worried that you have no money, also like brother-in-law as crooked road walk..."

He raised his head, think such tears wouldn't fall down, but those tears, after so many years of accumulation, finally unbridled ground down. This life, he was destined to have a sorry!


Middle-aged mood

Tonight, in my light, I finally feel a middle-aged mood.

It's a - both complicated but again pure, both sad yet glad, already but the but again is not resentful mood.

This is a kind of I always not fully know the mood.

At that time, in a decade ago, when the ship to the journey of the last stop. When I was in marseille, France port ashore, the world once how bright look to meet me! I, a small arts graduates, a young woman, is what east with a single warm heart, such as pilgrims in the corridors of museums and galleries, a drawing a picture to see the past, every corner are unwilling to pass. While in school, every exam, every competition, use a thousand times than usual hundredfold, not PinDou strength will get the first oath not to give up. The cold night, in brussel rented pallet studio, countersunk painting I seem to be unexpectedly is a martyr mood.

At that time, my surrounding filled with various beautiful things, each with a different luster, I each kind of love, all want, and be sure to get. ...... .

Ten years of life, I have had different, I already know, worldly beauty is infinite, but eventually all my life, I can get but limited of finite, just a little bit just.

Therefore, since it is so, why not carefully to enjoy my eyes can see the beauty of this - some limited?
Of course, I know that, in another building, or, in a separate rooms, or even, can in partition, on a door outside, I haven't seen the exotic and beautiful, perhaps in my every foot, a step, a door between can meet.

But, I also deeply understand, when I was very great hurry to a barrage of time, that zhang originally already in my sight, originally has quietly appear before me that a picture on the wall, originally had waited me so many years, originally had waited to my coming, originally, originally &etc shall immediately to my heart, instantly become future comfort and happiness of the soft beauty, I will have a turn of the moment, I was forever left behind. So, I just stood still. Maybe it's in this one grey purple, small water lily, perhaps in before another museum, in that miraculous moon light, and cherubic lion light smell the sleeping gypsy format, before that, I stood silently. Before I could get limited sea, I am content to be an infinite dedicated passion audience.

Middle-aged see drawing, unexpectedly see a quiet and self-sufficient mood.

However, "see" painting, exactly is still a dispensable gain, and of life in this a long road, walk to midway, I missed, and moans is only some exotic and some beautiful just?

In life's long road, always meet differences point, whatever I chose that direction, there will always be a direction with me mutually back, that I regret.

At the moment, in my place oneself of this road, and wind day, the eyeful verdant, and I believe, I had if chose another direction, also will have the same sunshine, same of roses. Just because in that first bifurcation, I only can choose a prearranged road, so far, every time after reviewing, he will have a kind of his sad Chou. In my heart, that I couldn't onto the path is every time there, in fuzzy color, to me with a kind of fuzzy expose the sadness.

However, middle-aged mood, is not to optional regret!

Hence, I constantly enrich himself, exercises oneself, tell myself: to understand the world beauty and exotic infinite, quiet, happy, take it, or regret all my choice, all the separation and sacrifice.

Thus, for the moment is now more to cherish up. I think all is I hastily left behind day, for them, I am no longer a repeater. However, for those who will be coming, the immediate this a moment, I still could hold, still can use my whole heart and best to wait, yearning and operation.

I think, however, that in the next day, for all things I cherish there, I should be a kind of easy and earnest manner to treat.

I had thought, as long as seriously thinking, can I put into a middle-aged time wondering glittering and translucent jade, as long as I work hard, life can become very bright and clean and pure and without any defects.
But, I do not know; everywhere in life with such as fan of afff track, even in the middle, some things are still I couldn't explore also not understand more cannot control.
Therefore, I found that people's efforts startled originally is also limited. Ideal still exist, but in every picture in the night, a lot can happen repeatedly tiny trivial mistakes, and I and my ideal slowly off. Looking back the past, life in all the memories can only become a picture of painting, while only fade in my own just know, in my heart, once was such distinct colors!

Facing such a result, I was sad and faint with joy, like surrender to own destiny, like time and tide flush of life.

And as they say: that is all I poetry mood.

Since the poem printed a type later, increasing knowledge or don't know readers to ask me, very directly or very skills to ask me, they want to know, in my poetry in the mood, is true or false? And what can I do to help them?

Monet's that a picture of a grey purple water-lilies, or he painted all the water lily: morning, noon, the evening, a giant of continuous cropping system, or who are those little drawing, what is true or false?

In his paintings, the pool of water lily, and they just drove too delicate and charming appearance, mo draw compared the water lily should be just a lifeless color only. However, the painter in his pictures plus a led him want to stay, he wants to stay beauty, through the big since paragraph that infinite glorious change, he drew a single and a blooming life. ...... And middle-aged mood, is perhaps, kind no longer eagerly to demand answer mood?
Perhaps is being misunderstood, no longer justifications, presented no longer dodge again stabbed the kind of mood. No blame nor especially, only retain a simple hope.

Hope finally could - days, draw a picture to never fade.


Let her care is love

I work in Beijing, I with a girl, she had the house rent originally guizhou, parents are her a daughter. Landscape, a journey of a thousand miles down, plus holiday difficult to please, road endowment is expensive, she back once very not easy, general back once have interval two or three years time. Usually only call contact. Gradually, I found that she often on the phone request mother do something for myself.

Let her care is also love "mama, give me two pairs of cotton slippers! Want that kind of bright yellow, the more fresh the flannelette better, just like the chicken villi, that should use eleusine sole son xin-er..."

"Mom, you go home, his two inclined MingQian good tea for I want some really want to let's hometown of tea ah..."

Even to mother for her underwear: "vest in that white twill, the trousers don't do triangle, inner that just comfortable..."

"Call money you can buy many slippers underwear!" I smiled at her, "in Beijing? What can't buy more trouble. It's not filial mother."
Christian Louboutin
"I this is filial piety?" Her facial expression very earnest, "my parents are retired two years ago. Dad will play chess, nothing when still can someone to play, mom was a labor life, but work is work, and even the people talk all effortless. Retire, I again not at nearby, she all day of vacant. Last time home listening to the neighbors said, she often land in the doorway sat, sit half-a-day." Her eyes are glistening things in flashing, "so I'll call her, but I found, after the telephone, she still empty. I think for a long time to come up with this approach, not way is to give her find something to do. You know what? Every time prepare asked her to what I do, I will racking my brains. Heavy afraid she labored, and more afraid of her nasty cast. Too little is too light again afraid she see me plot, your heart sad."
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My heart feel very warm. This is love. I'd like to. Originally, love also can so. Think again, love is really well. Dear people ate ravenously elaborate doing the dishes, wearing the clothes for their laundry and valet we relaxed neatly go out, lying on the scent comfortable bed asleep... This time, we were happy. As we work with everyone knows, for the beloved hard, be happy. But see they enjoy our work, we is full. If one day, we do anything for them, that must be a pain, at least, is also a kind of torture. Because, useful to them, is about we exist in the most valuable significance of.
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Thus, the friend to the working life of mother, it may continue to let her for lovely daughter toiling down is appropriate. Whenever I imagine how she cheerfully for those bright yellow wool slippers busy and how in sunshine for the daughter of fresh tea, how to send home in white twill above ground conveying his delicate care and love, I will think about love topic is how rich ah. Let her idle, not necessarily love. Let her CARES, also can be love. Let her relaxed, she does not necessarily pleasing. Give her a burden, she might have peace of mind. I have to admit, love really need method. And every man of wisdom, to the word will have unique interpretation and creativity.


How has life's glorious

Life brilliance in where? Sweetie-pie actually very simple. 

Have a person to apply for work, with the hallway confetti that pick up, put in the trash can. His action is just passing the interviewer saw, so he got the job. 

* originally obtained recognition is very simple, the good habits. 
There is a little younger brother in a bike shop as an apprentice, someone sent a faulty bike except car fixed, I will put the car, still wipe it neatly. Other apprentice laugh at him to carry coals to Newcastle, employer will bring back bike later day, I'll be bit to the employer's company work. 

* originally preeminence is simple, do more points. 

A child said to his mother: "mom you is so beautiful today." The mother replied: "why." The child said: "because mom isn't angry all day." 

* originally want to have beautiful is very simple, want not angry. 

There is a cattle ranchers, called the child every day in the pastures worked, the friend say to him: "you don't need to let children so hard, as will grow very good crops." Cattle ranchers answered: "I am not in cultivating crops, I was in the cultivation of my children." 

* originally child is very simple, let him suffer. 

There is a shop often light-infused, someone asked, "what is your store with what brand of tube? So durable." Shopkeepers replied: "we tubes and often bad, but we broke change just." 

* original kept brightly method is very simple, as long as often change is ok. 

Live in the frog to live in side of roadside frog say: "you here too dangerous, move in with me live!" Roadside frog say: "I have already become accustomed to, too lazy to move." A few days later, tanabe frog to visit the roadside frog, they found that it has been crushed, BaoShi car on the street. 
The fate of the original master * method is very simple, away from laziness is ok. 

Have a chick emerged from, is just a snail after, henceforth chicks carry eggshell lived the whole life.

* originally from heavy load is very simple, give up stubborn prejudices. 

Have several children wanted to when god gave one of them a candlestick, to them the day candlestick polished, day past, the results of god never came, so some children will no longer wipe the candlestick. One day god descended, only a candlestick was spick and span clearly bright, that is known called stupid kid candlestick, because god didn't come, he also every day is wiped, results this stupid kid become an angel. 

* originally when the truth is very simple, want to do is. 

Have little piggy unto god request to do his disciples, god readily promised. Just have a calf by bogs crawled out of the wearing muddy, god of the piggy say: "to help him and wash your body!" Piggy amazingly replied: "I am god disciples, how can you go to wait on the dirty calf!" God said: "don't you go to serve others, they will know how, you are my disciples!

* originally want get others to respect is very simple, as long as the sincerity to pay. 

There is a rush team walk in the desert, everyone pace heavy, pain, only one happily walked, the other people ask: "why are you so comfortable?" He smiled: "because I take the least amount of food." 

* originally happy is very simple, have a bit less. 

Life brilliance in where? Wake up in the morning, the brilliance is filled with smile on the face, to meet future. By noon, the brilliance on the waist, straight waist pole to live in the present. When evening came, the brilliance on the foot, down-to-earth and fulfill yourself.
Life motto:
The original life is very simple, want to know "value and content, and gratitude you had life brilliance.