Tough to success

In America there is such a thing: a young in a company do well, he painted a picture of a brilliant blueprint, to the future with confidence. Suddenly the company went bankrupt, the young man thinks he is the world's most unfortunate, the most unlucky person, he depressed. But his manager, a middle-aged tapped him on the shoulder to say: "you're very lucky, young man!" "Lucky?" Young people call way. "Yeah, luckily!" The manager to repeat, he explained: "anyone who youth frustrating people are very lucky, because you can learn how to strong. If have been very smoothly, to 50-year-old age, suddenly frustrated, that was a poor, reached middle age and then study, it is too late."
In my side to have such a classmate: when she was small, her parents died, she became the orphans. It made her a premature bears the thinking of pressure, bears the other children had never seen before suffering,Christian Louboutin but also bear her extraordinary experience. Since she lost her parents, after relatives' help, she barely finished middle school, took part in the work, and got a good job. Where is she can find their own happiness, but she did not, she began to pursuing my dream, disregard contumely taunt, studied many subjects, and joined the self-study examination, learn computer, learned accounting, law, etc. Have qualified, and in her temporary work units are best. But all this and not let her satisfied. The side of the work, the side of learning, and finally god helps those who, in 2003 she pass the undergraduate professional in our school. How amazing! Know that in her behind how many octylic acid and tears? Six years already left school entrance examination of university, talk easy come again? Is this all doesn't need courage and strong belief?Christian Louboutin Sandals

No failure, no setbacks, there can be no success. This success is need people to pursue a spiritual force to achieve, that is: be strong!


Teach you winter is not bloated wear take a skill

Who said the cold weather is called people give up manner? Below immediately for you to solve this problem, winter bloated let your feather can't conceal your body:

01 to wear a winter's small pretty waist, belt destinations. But coats itself material massiness, so belt had better not color too jump, had better choose ecru belt. Otherwise you will generate lotus root section of bloated feeling.Christian Louboutin

02 for some figure fruity girl speaking, wear thick clothes slightly easier than bloated, still can appear linear girl more cunning, So, thick clothes curve structure is the first need to consider the, such as fruity humeral line, fit girth problems are to seize.Christian Louboutin Boots

03 dressing always foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses. Since clothes massiness is the inevitable, then think a way to let oneself show of tall, For example use gorgeous colour, design and color rippers... is that you need to learn the silk skill.Christian Louboutin

04 brief paragraph design although not too thick, but show squat killer. Inside take clothing extension is the best cracked means. For instance a few long T-shirt, or some bag body simple-patterned dress, can match this brief paragraph design.

05 adduction layered will have very good show thin effect, choose to pay more attention to feather hem of adduction structure. Might as well try immediately, and outside the hem of adduction hem of zhang, these two kinds of design, which appears you slimmer.

06 waist decoration good emphasized adduction effect. There are many visual fault visual is must use. If no such adduction sense chatelaine this single product will make a person appear win-lose version. So, the structure of waistband you must carefully study.


China pledges more efforts to control AIDS, improve treatment

BEIJING, Nov. 22 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese government will devote more efforts to controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS and in researching AIDS vaccines and medicines, Vice Premier Li Keqiang said Monday.

"Although China has made great progress in HIV/AIDS control, the country still faces a tough situation," said Li, while visiting the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) in Beijing prior to World AIDS Day which falls on Dec. 1.

The government at all levels should realize the urgency and importance of the work and adopt more effective measures to control the spread of AIDS, he added.

"We should also realize that it will be a long campaign to control AIDS," Li said.

Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang (R), also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, shakes hands with the working staff during his visit to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) in Beijing, capital of China, on Nov. 22, 2010. Li visited the center on Monday, prior to World AIDS Day which falls on Dec. 1.

The government plans to provide more support for the research and development of AIDS vaccines and medicine, he said.

"We are glad to learn that progress has been made in the research of AIDS vaccines and hope there will be a breakthrough in clinical trials of vaccines, early diagnosis of HIV, and AIDS medicine," he said.Christian Louboutin Pumps

Li said the government will continue its policies to provide free medical treatment for HIV-positive patients who are not covered by state medical insurance, free HIV tests and counseling for patients, as well as free delivery and mother-to-child transmission prevention programs for HIV-positive mothers.Christian Louboutin Sandals

The authorities should also improve assistance for AIDS patients and children with HIV-positive parents, he said.

China is estimated to have about 740,000 HIV-positive citizens and about 100,000 AIDS patients among its 1.3 billion people.


Hidden in the cellular phone love

No he has for a month.A month before he on the QQ, told me he has a girlfriend. Then after a period of madness but is dark days. Once so proud of me, once so calmly, I suddenly in collapse edge, memory like a nightmare as apps, his eyes, his embrace, and his breath, his kiss, his promise still stay in my life, but his heart is in seconds is far from gradually, there is nothing I can do, do not leave him, miss love will never come back.
Be missing entwine, I repeated PanLong a mobile phone, can't call him, because he wanted me to forget, can't give his hair message, because he can't reply, unbelievable once willing to waiting for boys, so cold, cut off all of the messages, disappear in my world, only mobile phone box in his last gipap short message proved he had existed before, let me feel he as if still in my side. The information I repeated stormcloud, a month to grudge out, on a lonely when it is the best consolation and looking at it, because the thoughts and the heart can intertwine metro. I think when it disappeared from my cell phone when it will be when I forget it, but that how many days and nights ah, maybe is forever.
Suddenly understood loving a person's mood, see what he loved my mood, to understand these years he every lonely night. Remember last year he was still in my side, which inadvertently stormcloud his mobile phone messages, and found there a few blessing information was I a year ago, when issuing him in surprise surge to the faint trace touched, but yet have I not understand this which contain deep. Moved in that moment shut off your phones disappear, I continue to ignore him, hurt him. He chose to leave is right, because I am not a people who understand love. Christian louboutin Black
His mobile phone won't keep my message now. Although he said he would never let me in my heart, but I know he's not going to hurt another girl, because once deeply loved all know hurt taste.
Ah girl, happiness is at your fingertips, not for the busy life and unrealistic emotional neglect the silent to pay for you. Love is a expiration date, the love you feel will one day becomes weak, until it disappeared, no one will always waiting for you, don't wait for the loss was found him to be the most important person in your life, everything is too late...Christian Louboutin
Ah girl, see his cell phone, let's see whether he was reluctant to delete the information, whether he was reluctant to delete name, believe me, it is also his reluctant to give up feelings.


You are my king

At first, people call him three young man. Later is three yes. Later, paragraph three son. Again and again later, paragraph old. Only she, called him on the lifetime haven't changed: "ah --"
Also be family. Father is a brilliant, jinan in the book read out the gold room and QianZhongSu, living a house in daming lake three pass, garden is to embark on three sides peach pear half court springs, powder powder freely flowed from the court, cool and refreshing greasy slippery. Her father to be a guest, he was with a carefree willows tease hold put a tail by the fallen petal of brocade carp, listen to her "ah --" a sound, lift to see, pear tree, the little girl like powder carving, there are a couple YuZhuo natural dimples. Parents are set to point to an abdomen of marriage.
Father to his education, completely according to the custom of the old literati, eight revenue xue learn four books five through, ten worship Ming division acquisition verses, and even blown pull her painting since, are all children of the introductory skill. Often has a home, discharge makeup "tanghui actors are willing to teach him a two ballad, gradually had half division host. A child is watching father worship, and secondly LiangYuMei attempting point gratuity, unavoidable arouses a rare material always spared of heart, hook and face with a robe, when children on a word "want to an xianyu ah!" Quite see your testimonies, obtain CaiSheng piece.
Volatile smile, salutes to his father: "the congratulation son not common. NianBai, pronunciation and the gas, transports throat, quite see future for him potential. No, we will be outstanding." Father devoting for ceremony: "joking." But his heart is Chi 1, family children how to be reduced XiZi humble?
Is a language into Chen. Come down, economic distress, times impermanence fate stepped, invasion social upheaval, upside down a number of black and white, once the refined taste eventually became three yes to earn a living means. Thick hide faces the bitterness of paint, the former romantic has setback. But she is unquestionably from still honour in the family of break out and broke his father's sake, became splashed out of the water, tsing yi element face, straight back the small burden to see him, "ah --" a sound, four eyes relative, had no coagulation pharynx, besmear spent life's face.
Lightning never strikes twice, evil will not separate. Later, even on the stage to renew old prestige and have become extravagant hopes. Situation such as chess, subsequent decades in he still difficult, once in childhood is spoiled, eight on the stage of prestige and now in below will for rice beams bitter stratagem, often opening speaker at sound legend: "alas!" She held her hand: "you are pulling force mountain xi qi gaishi, I brings adverse xi Zhui never dies. Have I do, always good."
He was called segment son has stood in the opposite of the masses, is "guy". A tadpole tegmark master career, is he grew into the frog also get rid of the tail. Organizationally find her talk to her like that, like a family resolutely against parted ways with him. But she shake head: "he's only for me."
Accompany him together mid-1960s-until tyrannised, sweeping the street, and again, as he had done to review the home, for he had drawn a "bunch of" reigns. But he stayed in the past phantom, return to a home, self-effacing fall on the bed, the exclusion of housework cumbersome and child crying, only consulted looking at the remnants of the ceiling no words, whose food ready until she called him to eat. She burn hot water, according to enter his foot gently wash: "ah, spot, if can endure that overlord a humiliation, perhaps would also have three years of hexi?"
He wry smile 1: "all is full of chu, settle is liu song has gained chu; solitary clung to yi!" She sipped a chaos existing silver hair, smile 1: "that I be your YuJi."
Day, not as stage, daily necessities sauce vinegar tea, is homely open the door seven matter. She will be able to put a tree cabbage made seven dishes, can put the three feet into the family BuPiao mending the warm, but always, cannot leave him from ever wake up with a start, the rich carefree in real memories from attitudinal retrieves, occasionally themselves are not for sure: in at that time, he was really grain regardless of the rich princess? He was really romantic charming around the young?
With a sudden idea of couse, life persecutions total not tolerate a moment of stope, with only her mild and meek always comfort him drought-stricken vicissitudes of the heart. But total enemy nevertheless, wind and frost sword phase pushed bitterness. "Even if JuAnJiMei, but really, meaning difficult flat." JuAnJiMei is her, meaning difficult flat is he, see an increasingly depression.Christian Louboutin Pumps
A few times are "living is enough", but again by her to stay. She nestled in his chest, tender, warm temperature of flocculant as personal as pesters the cany: "you will always be my overlord. If you can't hold out much longer, let I how can do?" Just a spade a cold sweat.
Fortunately days always bright. How many times "see king in his sleep in garment instability, I here to non-ledger and scattered sorrow heart", eventually stayed up "light is directed toward to order before stood firm, fierce rise see BiLa moonlight qingming", the former three yes, once the segment son, eventually became today's section old. Just million unexpectedly, carried out the policy, restored treatment, or even refunded part of ChaoMei possessions, they should be SheXian sunshine heavy feeling the bloom, but she suddenly flabby, like light oil will do the lamp, in the wind, producing out in the bed, from now on with spring breeze no.
Some things should be approved by turns can understand, some people subject to suffering can grow only, he walked into the kitchen, facing utterly unfamiliar basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle and red, green, drizzle nowhere, just doing it suddenly realize: her from a big miss farther turning into an shall kiss for housewife, accompanied by his side close to caress the four or five years, is also had with him now also difficult, despair, helpless and without in?Christian louboutin Black
Tears rolling pan, "snapping". Finally understand: oneself is never her king, but by her, with love to ruling a lifetime.


Love waiting

He and I actually not very well, just for a little things to go look for him and sent a friend took me to his home.
His business was very successful, imagination he should live garden villas, but behold, when we went to just know, he lived in older streets in the city of old-style tube-shaped apartment, so humble house.
Settled things, he left me and friends to dinner, agreed to go outside the hotel, can come to eat a meal, his wife and mother is in there TuiRang, reason is to leave a person housekeeping. The three people TuiRang all let others go to the hotel for dinner, said he want to stay, after a dispute, everyone still gave his of her old mother, will stay in the old house.
It makes me very conenient excuses, also was perplexed. We went to dinner, how will the lady a person prisoned in the home? Must put personal guard?
The dinner, for this matter I repeatedly apologize to him, he smiled, nothing, this is twenty years of habit, no matter what, there are always a person at home unattended.
Why? Scared the thief? I asked that his eight-year-old son loudly rob to answer: that's not true, is waiting for someone! My grandma waiting for my aunt!
I still feel a bit don't understand, now call phone convenient, tell each other a sound went, why be in the home, etc.? Then he told me things of reason.
He has a little sister, sister 9 years old that year, one day go to school after he never came back, the family went to school, the teacher and students are injury-ridden said she didn't come to school today, they have to report a case, and then look for everywhere, but couldn't sister news, everyone suspected traffickers sister was abducted.
From her sister missing since the day, family started the long finding process, his father almost has been two nearby provinces all over the place, even on the eve of his father's death, saying the mouth or younger sister's name. No matter how go out and find family, but in the home, must put personal kept. Because sister know your home phone number, also know where home. They want to, younger sister to really be lured to kidnap, perhaps can Chou empty to call home, or by traffickers unprepared fled back. Home to put personal keep phone, put personal waiting sister home.
This chop is more than 20 years, in more than 20 years, his home telephone number never change, no matter how busy, the home also there is always a person unattended. Later, the local telephone number upgrade, by 6 digits upgrade to 7 digits, for these things, and his mother nasty cry, afraid sister again dozen originally that number, I couldn't get through the telephone of home. She to telecom departments noisy over, make, cried, want to keep their 6 digit number, but the telephone number to upgrade, is the city's unification, telecom departments are powerless. He had to comfort my mother, my sister if dialing the original 6 digits number, the telephone have speech hint, will guide sister call after upgrading of number. Mother tried to dial 6 digit number, the phone does have clew, she was quiet. But he know, this kind of voice prompt retain it for long, after period of time, will no longer tip.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Gradually, his career success, have oneself of company, with a car, in tube-shaped apartments older streets in the city, total want to find parking the car at a place far from home. So it is not convenient, he thought of move. But mother refused to leave anyway, worried about my daughter tube-shaped apartments return can't find her. She allowed them to move, said she still lived in the old house. His where can let mother lived alone in here, move feeling and urgent, he know, such a long time past, the younger sister is impossible to come back, but please a company of a female staff to pretend sister, cheating the mother. He thought, for so long, the mother has forgotten sister's looks. Female employees went home dozen telephone, and mother met tube mother called mom, mother will also her as my daughter see, but is still refused to move. He knew that, no matter how long time, putting on not to children in the mother of the heart - mother how memory acknowledge his own daughter?
But in the end, the female staff became his wife, and marry and have children. Move things who also didn't mention it again, their family have lived in tube-shaped apartments, who also have no suspicion over house pallet. Sister missing now has more than 20 years, if sister alive, should also has more than 30 years old. The twenty years, home is always someone, no matter how busy, no matter how important activities, there is always a person left-behind, waiting for sister telephone, waiting for sister suddenly home.
Listening to his story, I both bitterness and moved. An unfortunate events, completely changed a family living habits. Home gladne someone to wait for a may never come back.
The twenty years of waiting, the love is the waiting, desperate and hope, no keep and keep it


Taste hint of feeling light life

I like the subtle feeling, perhaps because of a blue? I don't knowI don't know, I whether you are happy or not.I just like the subtle feelingI like watching the branch that light pale greenIt is the symbol of life, it is the herald of spring, a light wipes than blatant Cha purpleI pursue the subtle friendshipIs a friend, also need not often meet, occasionally calls in the 1: "hello?"Christian Louboutin Boots
Light greetings at this time is like hair buds thoughts as spread, a wisp of warmth fulled your headAs the saying goes: a wall between presenves love, but a "weak" word contains much sincere and tacit understanding
Love will lightAnd that kind of faint smile like the subtle water, very thirsty, plain boiled water most can quench my thirstIt makes a woman more tender bashful, let a man more mature magnanimousIt lets the child more innocent beautyLight point of skirt unlined upper garment very qiaolightAnd nowBecause in light miss youSo there are these light text...Everything is lightJust then light of a bitIn the past, the present and the future,Life picture scroll gently describeDrop tears and spread of laughterWith the light strokes Christian louboutin Black
Walking in the crowd, always feel like this girl let person constantly look backNo green wrapped the dazzling might, the wind flowing blue purple skirt unlined upper garmentOnly one suit of youth and school of pureLight a little smile is very pureWhen the children see a stranger, always hidden behind to adult, and then quietly peep out half of the faceFaint smile and naturally from the eye from the corners of the mouth is revealed
Young will spread light a bouquet of roses to girl hand, he is full of young girl's heartLight point sky highNo clouds, no blue will were forced the bright eyes, just lightAshes are blue, blue containing ash
The incense, faint wood smoke in the airLike low moans "red cherry, green banana"Light homesickness...
A man, a person silentlyTo melt in curl scent and melodious music, turn over the old album, open the concealed memoriesRemembering never needs to remember that he will never forget youThis "light" in really reformulates the regrets thousand times, how much you hatred helplessLight, always so memorable...
Don't know who said that "not hear your ye also ye not, is your run also cannot run."Friends, remember: light love will be happy to white-crested...


Hubby, when we will get married?

"Hubby, when we will get married?" A woman face curious aboutly ask, from voice resolution, she is very lively inquiries. They've been together time soon, 2 years just, get along with 2 years of lovers is everywhere, you can catch a great, while now, people, can have a few in communicative when thinking about marriage?
"Now there is no breakthrough in my work, over 2 years!" Man gentle way.
"Oh!" No disappointment and no exciting, seem to be expected. "Hubby, if I am with child?"
"Do you have?" The man griped the woman's hands, eyes sharp at her.
"You griped hurting me!" The woman shouted out, "I am to ask a just, I will tell you!
"Dear, you remember, we shouldn't have a child for now, economic perhaps can need not is possible at the economics but we can't accept it mentally, nursing a child is not like nursing a pet, simple; if you are pregnant, you should tell me, I will accompany you going to the hospital, understand?" Listen to the woman's words, the man put heart, and soft voice say to the woman of his own opinion.
"Don't worry about it! I won't care. If I was with child will not cozen you, aha!" The refreshing voice of the woman rang again. But, at the bottom of the woman wondering whether the man's words, each other approval work actually are pretty good also calculate stability; Have several times thinking, men just contacts initial mentioned marry, and when each other communication becomes stable without involved marriage, Women although woman.she but not really stupid. Actually don't know them between the problem really out? Is not love? Although do not feel love but did not feel which do not love, may be time to let each calm. Now they live of the house, the half is a woman out understand money, She used to balance. Ferial shopping, he never accompany her, she never feel what uncomfortable, after all habits to amuse themselves is the most likely that the way to be happy, at this time but think of this movement whether can also measure his feelings.
"Hubby, today you accompany me to go shopping okay? You've never accompany me on the street!" Woman spoiled brat said.
"Busy! Lovely, how about I accompany today?" The man said in inadvertence.
"Would you like to go?"
"Go by yourself, what to buy yourself to withdraw funds is." The man's sight was being on the documents.
"Husband, I suddenly want to marry you, how do?" Pure beautiful little face shining big-eyed innocent looking man, This words now man's attention back to her body. The man looked at the present is not realistic cruelty delimit next too many traces of woman, dull not bear and weak.
"The paper for you is what mean?" The man put his work down and wanted to have a talke with the woman.
"I don't know. And getting married with you is there any connection between the paper?"
"You want to get married is not want that piece of paper?" The man bent his brows.
"If you think that also can now, did you ever want to marry me? Who is actually in asking you future ever take count me!" Still be sprightly voice.
"From the start, I intend to go with you forever, you should understand." The man answered indirectly.
"You never replied my question directly yeah, no matter which question!" Women make the voice in very dia, "ok, I will not talk with you, lest I am angry! Aha, I go shopping! Don't you accompany, hum! A great roar, she took up her bag with a light posture walked out of the room.
Shut the door behind her smile is filled with the original face instantaneousbe sinks down, change into a face pale and sadness, has let a person catch the eyes cannot super-charged hi blurred. Taking steps, slowly walked in crowded way, but also totally blank stuffed with thoughts, always think oneself is soon can enlarge the happy joy transition damage, the exhausted strength, but it cannot be done; Tears were running down! Sometimes wish loss to fate had to yield destiny! Happy goblins will not happiness! Cry enough, pack up and raise your smiling face tears and rushed to the pedestrian street give beloved he chose 10 suit 10 shirt 10 tie 10 brooch 10 pairs of socks 10 shoes, credit card is almost brush storms, but she laughed to see. This time, she is an elf, can infect humans elves. Too many things not, have to carry a taxi back. Overjoy in toward him to show off his record, he see so many clothes, the mouth cape side faint twitching, look at the things always beside the blockbuster she didn't know react. "Hubby, all these pick me, ok?" Looking at his pick of narcissism, to suit her own eyes she always confident. "Hubby, these clothes remember slowly wear well, see today good-looking, whim will help you buy! Hum, you should dare say a dislike of words, I'll let you prostrate, hear no?" On hips threat, intentionally plate up that zhang coy face.
"Good! I say don't like, but you buy so many? How do you always waste!" Men talk with accusations.
"Lumme, husband, anyway have bought you scold me also useless! I hope that you could deeply more and you could like these clothes, ok?" Act in pettish to shake his hand, a face of injustice shape.
He returned to her a helpless eyes, rubbing his her hair: "ok! You ah, later remember don't so hear no? Calculate otherwise you act in pettish I did not spare!"
"Yeah!" She reeled her head. "Hey hey... xi xi..." Women have been grinning smirking incessantly, the man looked at also open mouth laughed out, his woman was so cute, and a child as secured, also have mature woman's intellectual, "Wife" such as she, what is not satisfied? In his heart ponderover see parents, never mentioned marriage just want to give her a surprise, at the outset together, he is determined to marry her.
"Hubby, my this month go home with my mom? I have not graduated to now would stay at home, mother I love, I afraid brother marry the wife bullying my mama, I want to go back to" education "brother go to!" At night, she floor with him and his hands on him, he scratched his itch his talon away, the side laughed: "after all you recall your mom?
"Ha ha, somebody else I am a clever girl! Husband, I bought at noon tomorrow ticket, this time you can take good care of yourself!"
"So you are ingenious ah, I know why you suddenly so kind to me!" The man pretended to be a demon represent.
"Ha ha, you pack of all don't like! Distaste" laugh fulled the whole world.
Half a month in the past, a man can not bear no woman in the side of emptiness, missing her naughty, miss her temperature; She telephone helpline, men whisper of grinding woman hurry up to buy tickets back. The phone she relaxed as silver laughter resounded throughout the mind to his eye making red. "Wife, you back, ok? We get married! At that moment, the other end of the phone was silent. "You not want to marry me?" Silence, after the woman gently asked. "I don't want to, I want to be at the right time to surprise you, just count but miss say first!" Man explained. "Ha ha, good, you wait me back okay?" Women recover elves samples. Appeared to have been around the world itself. Continue to half a month has passed, the man saw the woman prolonged absence, again make a phone call, This time the phone rang long before he was picked up, it is woman's brother pick, the man asked his woman how hasn't come back, and my brother said she there still need to handle something, not so fast, can go back, please inform soon he don't care. Again after half month, the man received from women younger brother's call, brother let he immediately after their homes, says women occupy. The man was scared and booked ticket as arrow ban gallop airport.
At that, the woman's brother e42 and brother recognized man, all the way to the silent man hospital; Sinister foreboding hangs over the man, ward door open, woman emaciated pale of face shock live man, heart hammered by mercilessly pulled a, colic unbearable. Dragging soft weak legs, Wallace to closed eyes of woman, with the hand, gently stroking the familiar cheeks, once the of petting. "Elder sister, dragging the advanced gastric cancer for two months." Brother at a side said gently, woman's parents circles instantly and extensive red. This accident, really very accidental, accident to the even what is not clear, accident to the he feels he is in the clouds. Stomach cancer, originally woman always say no appetite is always not eat, said to reduce weight is to woman's lifelong career, all of this is an excuse, he blame yourself how didn't foreigners.and to observe, Blame myself so careless let woman alone walked with this the most difficult time. Women go to heaven after half month, from women live to send a letter that city, the man looked at familiar font, who trembled:
"Dear hubby:
You are missing me, right? I think so, I feel your in heaven! Hubby, you said you wanted to marry me, really good moved! Thought that you only want to be with me and not share my ideas! Husband, thank you for your love! With you oh, really is the happiest thing! Wake up in the morning you will shout hands, hee hee, know? The husband, this is the single most moved most remember moments, at home these days I sleep, without your arm as a pillow without your arms when bay; But I don't regret that I don't want you to see my wretchedness can be tortured humanoid appearance, I believe you change you will not make me see myself miserable side! The husband, forgive me, later only in heaven laughs it to you! Hubby, a year ago, how I wish time to communities, how to put you remember forever in the heart bottom, but find out how to see you get enough, I don't know how to do to make heart comfortable, I know you to hear the voice of my smile, in fact I myself or like your smiling, so every day laugh, make you will always remember me, is a good selfishness? I'm afraid I walked after you take everything I ice-age into a even touch never touch the corner, I'm afraid, afraid there I feel cold, so use love makes you to my unforgettable! I like every day last day here, so, enough, this life have you, enough!
The last time to help you buy clothes socks shoes, you every year in the day I left on a set of go to see my good? 10 set, that was 10 years, 10 years, you can only use 10 days to me, in particular that day, you will think of me also prohibit to don't want me, you know I like purple roses, remember to find oh, for my husband but very confident! Remember, one year is that day can wear, other times not to touch the costumes, if you forget, the less you see those in old clothes, after may think of my this request! Xi xi, later you marry a wife, remember that day bring the to let me see, but don't tell her I is who is that women will mind, just say... Uh... He said, I am your childhood? I envy those childhood friends who grew up! Later you marry a wife, that she is "the za wife", you want to the za wife good oh, just like this to me, because I am in the heavens


I want to have a home

A woman has an affair, and her husband divorce. The husband does not agree, the woman will all day cat-and-dog. Helpless under, the husband have to promise wife's requirements. However, before a divorce, he want to see his wife's boyfriend. Wife glibly promise. Early next morning, gave a tall handsome middle-aged brought home.Christian louboutin Black
A woman thought husband saw her boyfriend will surely aggressive punitive expedition. But her husband not, he is gallantly and men shook hands. Later, he said he wanted to talk with her boyfriend, hope wife avoid for a while. Woman comply with the husband's advice. Standing at the gate, women on tenterhooks, afraid to two men fighting in the house. Facts prove that her worry completely is redundant. A few minutes later, two men live together peacefully to come out.Christian Louboutin Pumps
Send her boyfriend on the way home, the woman can not help asking: "my husband talking to you? What does bad-mouths me?" Her boyfriend, listen and stopped footstep, he regretted shake to say: "you talk not understand your husband, like I don't know you!" Woman after hearing hurriedly defend a way: "how don't I know him, he simple-hearted, lack of interest, domestic helper like simply do not like a man."
"Since you so know him, you should know what he told me some?"
"Say what?"
"He said you heart is bad, but easy suddenly and violently irritability, call me after marriage; he who said you down your stomach bad, but likes to eat chili, telling my future advise you to eat less a bit hot pepper."
"That's it?" The woman was a little surprised.
"Just these. Not the other." Christian Louboutin Boots
Listen, woman slowly underground head. Boyfriend came up and touched the hair of women, to longly say: "your husband is a good man, he is open-minded. Go home, he was really worth your attachment of person, he than I and other men more knows how to love you."
Say that finish, boyfriend turned, resolutely left.
The storm after, women never mentioned divorce 2 words, because she knew, she had this love, is the best of that


Quiet life of a mime

I do not know is infected with the enterovirus, and I became very sick and toss for a week to do. A friend happened to call, just as she complained. "How happy ah," she not only sympathy, but also joked: "You must lean, right?" "Yes, lost three kilograms." "Too envy you, I go to the gym, eat meals to lose weight, one month lost only one kilogram, which erupted in easily to your lost three kilograms, more than happy ah. "haircut of my master skill higher. Her son in a traffic accident, the hospital CT scan, found that brain tumors, surgery immediately removed. "More lucky ah, do not crash not found, and surgery are free, and all the insurance company pays the bill." As she gave me a haircut, while proudly said. She went to hospital to visit and saw the son of a circle along the forehead hair line scar, she also applauded: "wow, sewing was so neat, like painting a big M, you can do McDonald's ads." Added: "Unfortunately, Unfortunately, if a car accident into my nice, just take the opportunity to lift. "bandits Tu village, the village people are killed, leaving only a dwarf. Originally, when the bandits to cut him, the dwarf cried and said: "I'm short enough, Christian Louboutin and cut his head, not more short it?" Bandits laughed a heap, do not kill him. One of my old high school classmates are so funny, cleft lip when his daughter was born, his pain for a while, I thought, regeneration of a bar. But the son was born, but also a cleft lip. Students while sad, while difficult, I do not know how to tell his wife. He hesitated again, or the baby to bed, said: "Unfortunately, they are cleft lip." His wife actually laughed, and said: "The more good, so her daughter would not say we had eccentric." Student, said: "Yes, ah, we have to take care of her daughter, the experience of plastic surgery for her daughter, the son of the cleft lip can be born in my house so nice." thought I was a child, and once to see the doctor, seeing the doctor's daughter suffering from polio, are being introduced to sun. I was very sensible to say: "It's strange how even kids will get polio doctors?" Present to suffer the mother of a slap in the face. The doctor but he is not angry, while for me to see a doctor, while saying: "You want to know about disease as the sun is very fair. Contact with doctors all day, it is inevitable the virus home, the doctor's family is more prone to infection. But , patients in the medical home, but also all right, as my daughter so severely ill, if I am not a doctor, do not know how to take care of, she probably can not live. "youth do not understand what" humor "that the humor that is a joke not to avoid cold, big big fishy spicy, amused everyone laughing. Until the age of older, experienced many disasters, has left many scars, they began to slowly understand the humor is "known fate", you know that you can have this life and can not have, and humor is "ear", good things bad things, love hear their's, can be submissive. Float front of a word's picture, he was asked so many experienced combat, and now is finally experience the sadness of life. Poet did not answer, but turned to the window, saying softly: "cold days, and this fall, a beautiful ah." Youde, said unknown;Christian Louboutin Boots silently, not more than that. How many sad life, are the positive side, recognition, and then, and not force, do not complain, even as the body of foreign affairs, do pay jokes. No account of the spring to stay alert to live, laugh falling twist Canhong buried. If no choice in life, why not humor him silent.


The right hand of love, friendship left

Always thought that he could not take a cloud, or in despair, he found himself in the hands still clutching the tail of the clouds. Open lotus in the water, always try to make the water look more perfect reflection, but no matter how lonely feeling to have regrets were still perfect. The haggard look always revealed in the subtle, like a kind of magic. Alone, although each individual is alone, what kind of cling to each other again, but still not who belongs to whom. However, in the crush on everyone, after all want to have each other. But the freedom of the sky, but only the existence of freedom, the sky can not have it all. Slight rise, full of autumn flavor winds, blowing trees, filled the quiet spaces. Suddenly thought of the right hand of love, friendship left hand grip. I smile, I see happiness like this autumn general, Mi human heart. Happiness through ... ... the color pink filled the whole world, revealing the secrets of the wind, in the instant melting out the beautiful you. Evoke distal palm, this time gently and hooked the whole feelings clear details of being in a calm, pouring out of your obsession. March across the palm of your water, but also long-haired Xirun; black eyes burned hot in July; autumn warm October in front of you is a lie; hold your hands to melt the winter in the spring. Love has only the pretense of a language. Feeling fickle love has faded coat, put on a permanent contract and the time agreed upon. Because I have a clear me, and I am clear of your eyes. Advantages and Disadvantages, because you change on the self-determination, but also to determine the past, I was free, but also lonely, but because I love you even more is the freedom to make their own is a beautiful clear deficiency alone. There is no conflict, no regret, only because I love you. You do not belong to me, I will not belong to you. This will be a permanent union of love. Now hold your hand through every minute before the start of the eternal. Freedom has always been the face of love, but we want to have more selfish, only to lose the love of freedom-oriented, and move towards a dead end. Skelter like in the ladder of love, get love vertices. Do not lose the vision because of the outside world to seize the courage to love. Christian Louboutin They just love the world, add a third hybrid, love is not love, blurring the boundaries, not because of greed and fear losing the heart of love. Blue is the point of depression and a collection of contradictions, the left hand of friendship filled with blue shock. Individuals alone, in the friendship among the even more contradictory. Anyone who does not belong to the problem, but because of exposure to loss of self of the world balance. I never was a bother to make a lot of friends, friends only friends but only I can see you, you can see me. Only in this way contact, exchange it no problem. Many friends, and friends of the boundaries will be blurred, but lost a true friend of the judge. Will not conflict with self-world friends will be friends, even if the adhesive, lazy with, is a manifestation of friends,Christian Louboutin Pumps because this is my world, just you, but only you, will be in front of you I showed this. If you can understand, to laugh to accept, you should show the real you, because we are friends, not because of my behavior, you lose the principle of self-world. We have a real contradiction, but not make the conflict as a conflict of sublimation, which requires its own understanding. Only then can there be friendship. Each other angry, angry, but calm after, we can still smile, or continue past life. Friend in need because of the presence of the other alter ego. Changing the self, it changes the boundaries of friendship. Will gradually become an obsession, it led to the generation of love. I like that we can be aware of their error, the error in the time and time again, recognizing the limits of friends, and become a true friend. The right hand of love, the left hand of friendship.


Detoxification than women need men

Detoxification mention many men, that is, a look of disdain, they think that detoxification is the woman's patents, a man without beauty will not detoxification. As everyone knows, men, especially middle-aged man, it is a group of people who need detoxification. Our daily shuttle in the air like smog, we eat a variety of chemical additives and pesticide residues in vegetables, snacks, and we were "poison" surrounded. Therefore, the "detoxification" is imperative!Christian Louboutin Flats
The purpose of detoxification is not just beauty, is more important is to ensure good health. Man is a basket, and now there are several non-smoking men, a few do not drink, there are several non-entertainment, the cause of trouble, tired of life, success and failure, pleasure and worry, because you're a man, life All you have to get your body according to one emotional basket, for a man's own physical and mental state, men often do not want, did not take time to rectify. The man said, since the toxic, why I was so strong? Do not be fooled by appearances! Do you not noticed four-year-old man who is undergoing a severe test? Memory loss, bloated discomfort, low energy, loss of appetite , looking minimalist ... ... This is the body metabolism in poor performance, not without toxins, but toxin not attack! Once the toxin accumulates to a certain extent, it is blocking your blood vessels, into your blood and damage your organs, your the collapse of the body will follow! to note is that this situation also, increasingly, younger trend. Four-year-old man was admitted for stroke because of the things everywhere. The young men due to excessive pressure of work suffering neurasthenia, constipation is common. To the dignity of man, many people are still their teeth, for the limited energy and health, such an approach is undoubtedly the dry Ze and fishing, until the time when you will taste the bitter fruit of slightly older. Middle-aged man, obese bloated, fat accumulation of metabolic waste, block the entire state more close to the stasis of the disease before the state, more and more away from the air-Shunda, metabolic robust health. This is no alarmist, but we should recognize that as society advances, our approach to health care should also be improved. Men's pressure increases, they should treasure their own, releasing toxins, let yourself without reservation, in good health, abundant energy to meet all aspects of the challenge. Men also need to detox!Christian Louboutin
Healthy detoxification should not rely on health care products, but should focus on improving lifestyles, foster the concept of healthy nutrition, daily attention to movement; proper diet, more water, eat more fruits, vegetables and grains, absorb enough cellulose, Eat high fat foods, maintain a smooth stool, to keep their minds at ease, and plenty of sleep, abuse detoxification product, it may not come ill patients discharged. Detoxifying the body properly, we must safeguard its own detoxification organs. Whether the liver, or lymphatic system and drainage system is a problem, will reduce the body's detoxification capacity


"Dine out" how to eat healthy and slim

Whether buying or renting the kitchen for you are expendable? At least 6 days a week or more for a variety of restaurants are resolved early in the dinner? To you by friends or relatives abroad as the local culinary map? Yes, this is your standard urban food restaurants.
Modern society, women are the majority of the city's white-collar "food restaurants." You have been a variety of restaurants, eat around, and go to eat? Eat? It for you, and even has become a "Hamlet" type of choice! However, there is a question you ignored, that is, each days of such eating habits, your weight has long been another secretly crossed a high degree, by leaps and bounds toward the peak of your unknown. And your future physical development is exactly the contrary, more and more close to the Mariana Trench!
Scene One: Dinner was finally united colleagues completed a large project, all my colleagues decided to eat some restaurants to reward the hard work for several days. Chinese restaurant in town is always popular voices. Block seated rows, as ladies, you always reserved to give a chance to order other colleagues working alongside colleagues at the moment are grateful to become a "violent twist meal," the wine and meat gay, although meat and fish call . Under no match for the temptation, you have to pray to lose weight can have a strong will of iron, not adding two liang fat eating and drinking. Ms. special meal prepared for all the sweet drinks, dinner seems to have become an integral part of today, Coke, Sprite, juice, rich in variety. Hesitation, of course, can not choose carbonated beverages, orange juice you choose. When the celebration of the drinks served, and you chose not strong wine. Celebrate some toast, butter beef, sauce, dried fish and other cold dishes first, the taste not greasy, you naturally no polite to Xia Zhu. Then one by one main course offer different colors, hot and sour sweet and salty, seductive hue, will be even stronger, you can ring had color, but also the temptation to quit will not incense, you have to call under the passion in the crowd a taste of the dishes that only. Gongchoujiaocuo the dining room, careful not to eat too much of my main course, drink plenty of salty soup had to satisfy their craving. Three drinks, food, after over five flavors, naturally, everyone wants to point up some of the staple food, did not forget any of you by a major natural rice had quit a long time, down to the color range of restaurants dot the taste of a soft spot: Crisp Hong small point, India throwing cake, fried milk, both stylish and delicious. Satiated, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, playing taxi to go home, maybe you're still glad I finally saved later years, did not dare eat Precept Breaking?
Handling of the "mistakes" the current A, before a meal of sweet drinks, really do not choose high-calorie carbonated beverages, fruit juice can also do not think that choice is the right answer. In fact, today is a lot of fruit juice drinks containing fruit juice, real fruit juice may not exceed 10%, while the sugar and spice is the main ingredient. This juice number of calories per 100 ml is not low. B, to remind those who pay attention to diet, alcohol, high calories, but "suppliers", a small glass of wine a day is enough to provide one third of the heat. Per gram of alcohol contains 7 kilocalories, so you must not ignore the negative alcohol effects on your weight loss. C, cold dish less fat, more light, but the beef and other meat and fish sauce, cold dishes, cold dishes will swap out the role of nutritional balance, causing the body to absorb too much protein, the body naturally bring more heat to accumulate. D, lunch entrees are generally big oil, high-calorie, and tastes rich, so even if you are extremely careful, every dish tasted, but also in unconsciously absorb the excess calories. E, between meals and after dinner there is oil must not drink the salty soup with salt. Think of a very large number of dishes has provided more than salt and fat, so that the body overwhelmed; if the soup again, will definitely add more salt and heat, and unhealthy, weight loss plan more negative. F, postprandial Suxiang small point, though are small, but fat content, but much higher than the rice noodles, crisp point in particular classes and throw cake, oil up to 30%, and even a higher proportion of saturated fat. G, fond immediately get a taxi, then you this is just to consolidate your accumulated fat results.
Scene Two: candlelight dinner with your favorite long-date him, you naturally choose to love the restaurant to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner meals, including, but not the benefits of: the environment elegant, melodious piano, roses glamorous, the most suitable for flirting; dim lighting, facial defects invisible to each other are the attractive men and women; more important is the Western low heat, oil is small, should not make you lose weight the hard work destroyed. Elegant clothes, elegant manners, elegant menu to look at, naturally elegant and not have the opportunity to know how to choose meals to bring too many calories for the job is, after all, exotic, many dish easy to make you a bit confused, of course, At the same time a test of your endurance of his pockets. Appetizer appetizers, foie gras, cream of chicken cakes box appears to be the choice of high quality, and the next colored cream soup tangy flavor, mixed fruit salad were again, together with the sweet juice of France is the most you assured access, bites of the. As for the main course, you naturally can not choose high calorie steak, fried fish or chicken chop looks is a good choice, with the rich taste of a pouring hot sauce, flavor of the more than let you put calorie leave behind the problems. Dessert'd make you hesitate again, telling myself maybe a little ice cream or pudding component of the believers is not heinous. Finally, taste the fragrant coffee, you and he so quiet about the situation, talk about love, a warm night to spend so quietly?Christian Louboutin Boots
Handling of the "mistakes" the current A, Western-style meal, the foie gras certainly be high-calorie, high fat appetizer, foie gras, where there are 100 grams per 462 kilocalories, 43.84 grams of fat content, although delicious , but it will make you pay a painful price for weight gain. B, Western's many dishes will add cream, a spoonful of light cream contains 45 calories, a rich milk 10 tablespoons butter dishes need, then there is 450 calories. It seems that the choice of cream soup is very inappropriate. C, 1 spoonful of salad dressing contains 60 calories, so a fruit salad, mixed vegetables, might give you at least 300 calories. D, although the main course you choose seafood or chicken to replace high-calorie steak is correct, but noted that many Western main course is the use of a large number of high-fat butter or sauce to match, so the taste is relatively light, But the heat can be no less. E, a little less sweet though, but high-calorie ice cream is an indisputable fact that a ball of vanilla ice cream to contain 97 calories; and fragrant coffee, the reason, it is because coupled with the results of sugar and cream. This "triple play" combination will give you an additional 300 calories, 20 grams of fat content.
Super Error Correction Bazhao healthy to eat out a slim, go to a restaurant, do not Zhigu reserved Declining, but should especially cherish the opportunity to order their own Oh! That you can order something light for their own low-fat dishes, the most good points well in advance to the dish, even a small piece of paper to write on their own time constraints. If so the decision to give others, the results point to a delicious greasy food, you really want to test your will: resist the temptation of food, but it is proving difficult! 2, sweet drinks before a meal, should choose low-sugar sub- , the true low-calorie fruit juice, vegetable juice or soy milk. Some restaurants homemade corn juice, pumpkin juice, juice and cereals are a good choice. 3, the best advertised in advance grateful to Fox friends, their on a diet, so that others too warm, forcing greet you eat and drink. Of course, this approach is to give yourself the magic spell, since it has been known to lose weight you are, I believe you are embarrassed to release the magnanimous to eat and drink has become excessive. 4, good cold dish selection is mixed with raw vegetables, dipping sauce for vegetables, add starch-containing foods (such as buckwheat, fern root powder), root food (such as lotus root, Chinese yam, etc.) and fruit salad and vegetables based, coupled with one or two less meat and fish and soy oil. Foods with these refreshing appetizer that can guarantee a meal in dietary fiber and potassium, magnesium intake, but also to avoid most of the protein as energy is wasted. 5, the main course try to choose a more refreshing taste of dishes such as steamed, boiled, fried dishes practices, but also to select those high daily consumption of less vegetarians, such as fungi, high-end new vegetables, health nuts, and Algae, potato and other vegetables with health value. These not only promote healthy vegetarian diet, but also reduce the burden on the digestive system and more favorable self-cultivation. 6, the face of the main course of sweet and sour, honey, starch and other more greasy dishes, I suggest you prepare in the next bowl of water or soup, put the food before eating to rinse first look, drain off excess water. 7, as the saying goes: "before eating soup, slender and healthy; meal soup, Yue Heyue fat." Some studies show that fewer people can absorb the soup before a meal from 100 to 190 kilocalories. Light, low-fat soups, can increase satiety, reduce appetite, help you resist the temptation of food. To drink soup slowly, slow digestion and absorption of food, soup to give sufficient time to leave. Full of feeling, it is the right time to eat. 8, go to the restaurant to eat, to judge from the menu to know whether the high-fat foods. Such as "Fire Board" with representatives cooking cream and cheese, "white sauce" on behalf of cream sauce, "faction" are much more pastry, by comparison, grilled and smoked food calories are much lower. Really confused, it may directly ask the waiter for cooking dishes to help you make the right decisions.Christian louboutin Black