Fu Muen raise children does not know

I was admitted to the University in Shenyang, the father to send me. At the station, the train almost opened, his father pushed me, told me: "There is time to come around, look for your sister, if met, to tell her dad did not stop her if she likes to marry and that, as long as she can always come back to see me. Christian Louboutin "My heart suddenly an acid, the father is a bad temper, proud and boastful person, to sister, father much of one. Sister's mother died early, her father, the age of five, also married and gave birth to me. Sister and mother, the friction has never been off, his father caught in the middle. Sister three days away on its own did not graduate, they go to Shenyang, Aunt. I went home to find her Aunt, Aunt said she had several years no audio. I went to the hospital she worked, restaurants, night markets, pay attention to over the supermarket attendants, street stalls put the big sister, markets, hawkers ... ... Christian Louboutin Pumps no trace of her. I think she is not and the man together, go to another city for? Sophomore year, a late autumn evening, my classmates and I to eat together after the test ravioli, talking about the content of the examination. A thin woman served the ravioli, I took the chopsticks, is to eat, suddenly saw her. She is another bowl of wonton to the students to put in front of her face was sallow, sunken eyes, hair dyeing and finishing off random bar in the back of the head, like a bottle withered weeds. I grabbed his thin arms, called out aloud: "Sister." So many years, was the first time I called her sister. She startled a little, the hands of the bowl "crash" soon fell to the ground, my eyes have no memory of the stubborn, I looked up and down a long time, be called me: "Lulu?" She has been married, from a Duan Panzi's start unskilled laborer, and later met and her work in the same hotel, a young man of Jilin. He can be honest, acting by too - two of the luggage moved in together, and the restaurant staff a meal, even into a home. Married two quit her job, put the share of the ravioli, make ends meet. She gave birth to a little girl, less than two years old. I blame her: Why so long no contact with the family? You do not know fathers worried about you ah. She does not speak, tears pour in the eyelashes. My father received a phone call the next day came. I took him to the wonton Taner, all the way across the room, the father stopped, afar off in the Tanqian busy, she suddenly squatted on the sidewalk, whining like a child crying. She saw his father, spent a long time, his lips softly moving, do not know what to say. Stumble stumble a little girl toddled came the sound childish juvenile asked: "Mom, how do you cry? He is?" She quickly pulled the child before her father, said: "Call, call classic ... ... Christian Louboutin Boots"My father picked up the child, his face had tears. Later, she told me, do not raise children do not know Fu Muen. Is because of their own children, she knows her father is so loved. Over the years, her powerful, her headstrong, but I'm afraid to have a father, after she ignored. So, she will use those extreme way, to remind his father loved her. In fact, the palm of the hand back of the hand are the meat, where the parents will neglect their own children?


Money is not everything

① Money is not everything. There’s Mastercard & Visa.② One should love animals. They are so tasty. ③ Save water. Shower with your girlfriend. ④ Love the neighbor. But don’t get caught. ⑤ Behind every successful man, there is a woman.And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two. ⑥ Every man should marry. After all, happiness is not the only thing in life. ⑦ The wise never marry, And when they marry they become otherwise. ⑧ Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives. Christian Louboutin Boots ⑨ Never put off the work till tomorrow what you can put off today. ⑩ Love is photogenic. It needs darkness to develop. ⑾ Children in backseats cause accidents. Accidents in backseats cause children. ⑿“Your future depends on your dreams”.Christian Louboutin Pumps So go to sleep. ⒀ There should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning. ⒁“Hard work never killed anybody.“ But why take the risk? ⒂“Work fascinates me.” I can look at it for hours! ⒃ God made relatives; Thank God we can choose our friends. ⒄ When two’s company, three’s the result! ⒅ A dress is like a barbed fence. It protects the premises without restricting the view. ⒆ The more you learn, the more you know, The more you know, the more you forget.


Shoes set off the ugly trend of the most

A few years ago, called "UGG" boots snow suddenly swept Europe and America. This pair has been critical of harsh comments for the fashion people "in the history of the most ugly" shoes, in the absence of strong large-scale advertising and marketing support of the case, creating the world's most irresistible pop culture in recent years. UGG UGG Metamorphosis purported Ugly Boots (ugly shoes), this snow sheepskin boots from the feet with hair wrapped in a simple post-sewn, thick stupid, but very warm. It is primarily an aesthetic for the not so particular about the people - surfers. UGG Australia Brian Smith, founder of the brand surf destination in Perth, Australia, found that surfers wear ashore locally in small factories producing the UGG, not only nice and warm, thick wool, feet of water but also siphoning off gas quickly to keep feet dry. So he created in California UGG Australia brand UGG, after a small area between the surfer to catch on. In 1998, Smith sold the brand UGG Australia Deckers Outdoor Corporation. After that the new owner took over, with exquisite materials (must be Australian A-anti Yang Maopi) and comfortable foot feeling, UGG can break the barriers of the professional market by more consumers. First "bribes" to promote the traditional mode of a handful of stars, such as advertising, fashion magazines and fashion shows on the UGG is obviously not feasible, because the shoes look ugly stupid and difficult to match, impossible to enter the fashion opinion leaders in their circle of stuff. So Dexter is more convincing the company to turn to the "Lighthouse" - star. They gave a result of starring "beach guards" and be crazy chasing paparazzi shot of the actress Pamela Anderson sent a double, while wisely attached a pair of UGG shoes to her daughter. UGG sheepskin double-sided by the band made of wool. Drying process in the processing of wool sheep have been on top of adhesion, which boots have a breathable performance and exceptional thermal performance boots are cool in the summer, the winter will be warm, combined with loose and comfortable, so that the foot has a special comfortable feeling. To enable children to feel comfortable wearing accepted UGG, and her daughter with the child to wear, Pamela also tried to wear a UGG, UGG since become the new darling of the feet. Then people will frequently see in the picture from the gossip Pamela wearing it at the shooting scene and began to wonder why such a popular actress who favor a pair of strange boots. The whetted the curiosity of a handful of popular sensitive people, the Dexter company began a planned exposure to the paparazzi who have been stars of the most frequently presented UGG. United States, "talk show queen" Oprah Winfrey as their goal. In 2000, Oprah was very like UGG received, then bought 350 pairs sent all his staff, and the show "Oprah's Favorites" section to the audience Introducing this pair of shoes. Oprah's recommendation was to allow UGG from turning into a fortune. In order to Houdekesi always find ways to make those who like film festivals and various awards ceremony wearing a baggy filled with budding actress was photographed wearing UGG boots in the picture. This seemingly casual approach but they have also aroused the enthusiasm of groupies who follow. So as Pope wind, the wind of fashion mix and match the popularity of fads, UGG also blend into the fashion part. Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steven Spielberg or even the whole family often appeared in public wearing UGG. As a result, more and more people began to notice the odd shape of love does not address the many celebrities been "foot" of the boots. Massive street shooting star picture is also "lead by example" to affect ordinary people's everyday wear trend.Christian Louboutin Pumps UGG able to survive the forefront of fashion. With the influx of people street film stars and pop phenomenon, Dexter company to create such an atmosphere: Let consumers bored with the development of more wear UGG new law, and as a leading fashion "level" signs to show their skill and fashion sense with.christian louboutin heels UGG once considered only a short-lived so far has been hot. In fact, UGG go is the "New Yorker" magazine writer Malcolm Leeville full-time in the "tipping point", a book described by tipping the classic path: from the fashion icon's portrait of their own experiences to loyal fans of the press, and then to follow closely the general public. Just as yawning, as some of the social behavior also has strong infectivity, a single act can trigger mass to follow. In real life we are often involved in this or that social epidemics, albeit unknown to most of us never even notice.


Help you to prevent rebound of the diet

After weight-loss success, female friends are most afraid of is the rebound, a rally might be fatter than ever, come to naught, ah, today Xiaobian gave you recommend some weight-loss effects of diet tips, so that we learn how to dietary fiber to rid itself of weight loss rebound problem. Check it out together. The benefits of dietary fiber 1. Increase satiety dietary fiber can increase the time food stays in the stomach, slow gastric emptying time, and dietary fiber volume expansion in the stomach, it is easy to produce satiety. 2. To increase energy expenditure and it will increase the gastrointestinal absorption of food energy consumed, it can help control weight. 3. Beneficial to solve the problem it helps digestion feces, motility, and the role of software will be beneficial to solve the stool problem. Convenient, healthy choice for high-fiber oat instant drinks milk suggest that you Google, you can choose the convenience store to buy milk, instant oatmeal Valley, to replace our one meal a day! In addition to soy milk tastes better nutrition, but also can Full grain oats to eat yo! this is the only commercially available oat grains you can eat a full real-time drinks.christian louboutin heels Dietary fiber content = 0.85 cabbage salad = s three most important is that this bottle of milk and oat dietary fiber content of valley, almost equivalent to 0.85 cabbage you eat lettuce salad, or three yo! And oats with β-glucan containing dietary fiber, may interfere with the body for the absorption of cholesterol, can reduce the body's total cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Happy eating and drinking ─ hidden behind the fact of obesity, unless you are born to eat without fat body, or that most people who have had weight loss or weight control experience! And whenever an ideal body weight reduced to numbers, should be happy, you then can begin to resume a normal diet! but ... do not take it lightly, because immediately come ... may regain a terrible problem! warning: food restaurants generally faced with inadequate intake of dietary fiber problem! want to eat happy, and make up the nutrients for the body, Christian Louboutin Pumps but while maintaining a good figure, where we must share with you a high-fiber diet! eating conditions for more frequent modern people, generally have a diet the problem of insufficient fiber intake! However, you know what? dietary fiber for gastrointestinal health and function of the operation is very important. Reminder do not touch after PM 3:00 PM 6:00 starchy food consumption is completed before the dinner will not eat 4 hours before bedtime


Rapid detox drink flat belly

No matter which meal if you could eat the good appetite control if there is a thin waist weight loss new look new. Then the best cup of water before a meal, to alleviate hunger and reduce food intake, appetite for a long time also smaller. First, drink less early in the morning before breakfast the morning cup of belly white water, or add the cellulose in water, can speed up gastrointestinal peristalsis, the night before the body of waste, excreted metabolites, reducing the opportunities a small pot. Although the choice of the morning to drink a lot, but drinking water is still the best option. It is the natural state of water through layers of boiling purified from the water there are inorganic salts such as calcium and magnesium, and micro-organisms in water have been killed. Also drinking water does not contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, both to add cell water, can reduce blood viscosity, which will help urination. Usually drink boiled water for half an hour later, the body will be discharged before the night of the metabolites. Breakfast will not affect appetite. Second, drink plenty of water before meals reduced appetite for a lot of people are not really obese, but after dinner you can see the appetite of a drum protruding sac sac, this is the most standard babyfat, even without eating, this also requires a small appetite suction can be concealed. Then the best cup of water before a meal, to alleviate hunger and reduce food intake, appetite for a long time also smaller. Can also supplement the body needs water to speed up metabolism. Also drink plenty of water before a meal good effect, drink plenty of water before a meal, will significantly reduce food intake, food cravings will change, because there is enough water, the body would be more like proteins, carbohydrates, not fat people. Studies have shown that a glass of water can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system for up to 1.5 ~ 2 hours, and then the secretion of adrenaline can be stored in body fat gradually consumed, so that excess body weight decreased significantly. Compared with the diet, weight loss in this way are more stable and lasting. Many people are not really obese, but after dinner you can see the appetite of a drum protruding sac sac, this is the most standard Babyfat, even without food, the need to inhale a small appetite to cover up. Then the best cup of water before a meal,Christian Louboutin Pumps to alleviate hunger and reduce food intake, appetite for a long time also small, little stomach also small it! Three in the afternoon to drink less fat obesity is the main form of fat, this is because the sedentary, high-calorie foods cause, and afternoon tea, it is people feel tired, fatigue, when the time is due to emotional The calorie intake of unwanted children vulnerable time, of course,


Excessive harm women lose weight

A lot of beauty to beautiful to keep thin, resulting in thin addiction, to know a good body does not mean Shouguruchai, excessive weight loss for women's health is a major threat, today we introduce Xiaobian too thin to be What are the hazards. Why envy those skinny, skinny with the view seen how horrible! First, medical experts point out that infertility, women's body fat percentage at least 17%, in order to maintain normal menstrual cycle and levels of sexual desire, and this is their future, a healthy pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding a minimum of fat standards. Because fat tissue can provide the adrenal cortex processing of raw materials into estrogen, is manufactured outside the body than ovarian estrogen an important place. Too little body fat, estrogen synthesis and its concentration in the blood level will be affected, resulting in estrogen levels in the Buzu state, and this level of female fertility is the key criteria. Second, osteoporosis, recent U.S. survey of 3683 women found that: thin and the incidence of hip fractures in women weight than the standard 1 times higher than women. This is because people are too thin, insufficient levels of estrogen, affect calcium and bone, unable to maintain normal bone density, therefore prone to osteoporosis and fracture. Third, gallstones our bile is secreted by the liver, which contains cholesterol, bile salts, calcium, lecithin, etc., they have maintained a certain proportion. Too thin and the general lack of calorie intake, so the deposition of fat tissue in the body to accelerate consumption and cholesterol also will move, resulting in an increase in the content of bile, bile thus become sticky, precipitation and precipitate the formation of crystalline stones . Fourth, human hair, hair loss is a major component of fish known as prion protein and zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements. The body through thin people, fat and protein were in short supply, so frequent hair loss, hair colors gradually lose their luster. V. anemia who are too thin widespread problem of unbalanced nutritional intake, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and other substances on their own blood to inadequate intake; as eat less, basal metabolic rate is lower than the common people, so slow gastrointestinal movement , gastric acid secretion of less absorption of nutrients. These are the main cause of anemia. In addition, malnutrition reduces the body immunity is also prone to secondary anemia. ssnn.net lose weight six, gastroptosis Do not envy you eat on the side that is always a full, a few mouthfuls of rice, lunch will be able to cope with female colleagues, and only she understood, her stomach experiencing every day how much torture: loss of appetite, and always feel bloated, pain. If you do not kill people to do a gastroscopy, and that diagnosis may be: gastroptosis. Yes, when the body is too thin, the body of the abdominal wall relaxation, weak abdominal muscles, resulting in suspension, fixed position of the stomach muscles and ligaments relax weakness, abdominal pressure decreased, so the physical location of the lower stomach, decreased gastric motility, thus cause gastroptosis. VII, memory loss from brain, the main driver of the work of fat,Christian Louboutin Pumps it can stimulate the brain, and speed up the brain's ability to process information, increased short-term and long-term memory. Thin intake and body fat storage is insufficient, the body nutritional deficiencies, nutritional deficiencies such serious damage to brain cells, will directly affect the memory, so we become more and more forgetful. VIII, uterine prolapse is not a sufficient amount of fat in the protection of the uterus easily drop from the normal location along the vagina, cervix down, or even emerge in the vagina mouth to form we are talking about the mere mention of uterine prolapse, may lead to serious cervix infection, even cervicitis. September, hematuria our kidneys by a layer of dense connective tissue wrapped. People who are too thin, lack of body fat content,


Lowering blood pressure to lose weight cactus

Modern pharmacology has proved the major ingredients are: forest and phenyl tetrahydroisoquinoline amine chain hydrocarbons. Mexican hallucinogenic effects of which have a narcotic effect of Scullin and wear contact base. In addition, it also contains malic acid, succinic acid, phlegmatic, triterpene saponins, stems with quercetin -3-- glucoside, resin,Christian Louboutin Pumps protein and so on. Cactus extract bacterial experiments show that inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus the most significant. A high degree of inhibition of Bacillus subtilis. From years of clinical experience in the pharmaceutical analysis of drugs and guns: the above ingredients except the cactus has anti-inflammatory, the role of detoxification, but also has its unique role, that is, to lowering blood pressure to lose weight. Further growth from its environmental analysis: it is very drought-tolerant. Which is a special material it contains - phlegm at work. And from analysis of the active ingredient it contains, phlegm cold tasteless, do gas and blood circulation, eliminate all swelling of the liver. Malic acid is the stomach and digestion, and can promote gastrointestinal motility, which serves as a laxative function. Cactus cut the skin, after the name of overflow slurry condensation Rong Yu whip, is the preparation of natural cosmetics, raw materials, it can make up in the air, cure palpitation. And there is infiltration of organizations,


Several section of fast losing weight vegetables juice

Carrot juice   The carrot juice includes the rich Beta renieratene, these nutrients can enhance person's appetite and to the germ infection resistivity. Simultaneously can also supplement the human body most volatile goes Vitamin B2.   Suggested:   Every day matches the first half orange by a fresh carrot, presses out a cup of fresh fruits and vegetables juice to drink, can improve the bodily function condition, matches the orange to be possible to change the pure carrot entrance the feeling in the mouth, drinks the delicacy.   Celery juice   Celery flavor delicate fragrance, may strengthen person's appetite, to removes in vivo toxin, to have “three high” the symptom patient is together the good method.   Suggested:   In the early spring season, after every morning gets out of bed, matches by half celery or the parsley by the right amount warm boiling water presses out the juice, drinks when increases a honey or the little salt, will drink the feeling in the mouth neatly delicious, right “three high” crowd's people, in two meal between will drink small cup of celery juice to be better.   Cabbage juice   In the cabbage includes rich Vitamin C, usually eats a cabbage or the cabbage can alleviate in vivo avitaminosis, specially to contracts periodontosis is a section supplements in vivo Vitamin the drinks.   Suggested:   Are joined to a carrot by the cabbage or the cabbage to press out the juice to drink, cabbage and carrot mixed juice, not only provides massive Vitamin C for the human body, but because may also the clean oral cavity, simultaneously it be the crude fiber element, to removes in vivo toxin also to have the help.   Cucumber juice   The cucumber juice has the effect really in the strong heart and the blood vessel aspect, but can also adjust the blood pressure, the prevention cardiac muscle hypertension and atherosclerosis, the cucumber juice can also strengthen person's memory.   Suggested:   The cucumber juice because of are few including the fat and the sugar, speaking of the female, the funds ideal lose weight the drinks, drinks the cucumber juice should better not to increase any side ingredient, like this can taste to the cucumber juice in that sweet taste.   Tomato juice   The medical expert believed that each person eats 2 tomato every day, may satisfy one day of Vitamin C the need. If drinks big cup of tomato juice, may obtain Vitamin A half which one day and nights need. A tomato juice more suitable woman, to insist to drink the tomato juice every day, but may also cause the skin to be healthy.   Suggested:   Matches half apple by tomato juice to press out the juice, the flavor is very tasty also the delicacy, if is joined to several piece of tender pumpkins,Christian Louboutin Pumps a piece of lemon piece with presses out, drinks the curative effect which frequently can also get up loses weight.


China's money supply, the world's first reflection

In the second quarter the size of China's GDP surpassed Japan to become the second, so we began to calculate the scale of China's GDP exceeded that of the U.S., conservative estimates than the United States in 2030, optimistic estimates that by 2020 more than the United States. I think that probably do not need to GDP than the U.S. 10 years, because our GDP statistics are missing a great many services to the consumer are not included in the statistical range, now that we all agree that income is substantially underestimated, then the consumer is substantially the same underestimated. Vehicle sales in China first in the world, China's tourists around the world, Chinese residents of the luxury goods (including the purchase of luxury goods from overseas) is certainly the first in the world; China's store closing after nine in the evening in general, Chinese people created in the evening The GDP is far more than the United States. However, we probably have not too much attention to a phenomenon is that our money supply M2 is the first in the world already, M2 reached 68.7 trillion in August, while the U.S. current M2 8.6 trillion, equivalent to about 58 million billion, China's M2 was more than the U.S. about 10 billion yuan. China's broad money M2 (cash plus demand deposits, fixed amount) why will unknowingly become the world's first? This is probably connected with the rapid growth of M2, the years on. Over the past 10 years, China's annual growth rate of 18% of M2, while the United States and other developed countries are single-digit growth. M2 high-speed growth and economic activity of asset size and scale of growth is relevant, but the proportion of China's M2-GDP reached 180% (assuming this year's GDP reached 38 trillion), while the U.S. only about 60%. This shows that China's M2 high growth and greater expansion of asset size relationship, for example, U.S. M2 growth rate in the last 20 years fundamental to keep pace with the growth rate of GDP, while China is much higher than the GDP growth rate, but also GDP growth rate of CPI increase more than about 6 percentage points. This is McKinnon and other economists as "the mystery of the Chinese currency", that the increase in money supply did not cause inflation; I think the mystery is that asset prices, particularly land prices, real estate prices rise sharply. China's per capita arable land area of only 1.4 acres, the average American is close to 10 acres. In the high economic growth, China has provoked the world's burden of providing consumer goods manufacturers, the small size of the coastal areas as a world factory, but also to address the rich and the workers all over the country's housing problems. As a result, land prices, house prices have soared, the government through the auction of land, also received a considerable income, and some coastal cities, government land auctions the revenue should exceed revenue, the amount of China's land transactions, property transactions are is the first, which led a sharp rise in M2. This situation also in the relatively sparsely populated land industrial countries took place in Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea's per capita arable land area of less than 1 mu. Such as Japan, South Korea's rapid economic growth period in the average annual growth rate was 20% (1967-1973 years) and 34% (1966-1988 years), significantly higher than China's current level, so now, Japan and South Korea M2 is also a relatively high proportion of GDP, respectively 159% and 147%. However, a worrying problem is that Japan and South Korea has been a rapid growth of M2, they are into the global circle of rich countries, while China's per capita GDP ranks only 100 countries in the world, the wealth of the long distances, Money has been the scale is the first of the, M2/GDP than Japan and South Korea also. Although M2 which led to too large foreign exchange factors, but calculations, about 2.4 trillion U.S. dollars of foreign exchange reserves to 27% of the M2, not too much. In China, government control of the growth rate of M2 has always been a goal of 17%, if the growth rate here is 10 years later, M2's size will reach 340 trillion. Even to 15% growth, will reach 285 trillion, which pretty terrible. But this is not impossible, such as South Korea from 1966 to 1988 period of rapid economic growth, the average annual growth rate of M2 has reached 34%. China's economy is still great potential in the development stage of urbanization level is only about 60 years in Japan, the economy and then maintain an average annual growth of 8% of the decade seems to be no problem. However, people in Japan and South Korea into the economic level of developed countries, M2/GDP only 100%, while China has not yet rich, M2/GDP it has reached 180%, and do the same growth rate continues, then, the world's currencies will be overwhelmed by the RMB. . . . . . Whether fewer people and more economically developed areas, many of the scarcity of assets will have to fly overhead fired it? For example, before the real estate bubble burst in Japan, a Tokyo can change half the United States. While China's real estate over the past 10 years has risen more than 5 times the total market value of urban and rural residential near the 100 trillion, accounting for the proportion of GDP is about 290%, while the U.S. currently only about 200%. We look at the past decade antiques, art, jewelry and other gains, is almost 10 times higher. So, in this territory, what scarce, what are small varieties, and what can be speculation, including the garlic and ginger. Baotou Steel Rare Earth is a publicly traded company, early last year, the price is about 7.5 yuan, the highest fired some time ago to 77 yuan, more than a year prices have gone up by 10 times! Because too much money, money in the search for scarce assets, and even money itself can also be speculation, said 1980 version of the face value of RMB 50 yuan, the current market price pushed up to 5,000 yuan, 100 times the rate of return, indicating existence Far better to bank the cash pressure bottom, the weight of the longer value. However, eventually the bubble to burst,christian louboutin heels M2 is the result of the expansion of the widening gap between rich and poor, the rich get rich by selling to buy a house in the proportion in M2 growing, and to raise money in the bank in order the wealth of ordinary people in the proportion of M2 is getting lower and lower. Thus, the Government has become increasingly concerned about the gap between rich and poor, and promised to do to improve, which also caused some panic in the rich, so, we found more and more people go to overseas migration, to buy overseas real estate. Thus raised a question: If the RMB freely convertible once, two-way opening up the capital market, then what of the residents are more willing to hold the yuan,Christian Louboutin Pumps or more willing to hold dollars? Currently, we are immersed in the expected appreciation of the renminbi, but the fact is that a 130 square meters in Shanghai apartments, you can change the state of New York, New Jersey, near the villa. If the M2 and then expanded to the United States I am afraid people will buy more and more. We can see that M2 growth rate was over 30% of South Korea in 97 years Asian financial crisis, sharp currency depreciation in 08 years in the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the Korean won has depreciated significantly. Therefore, I am worried about is that China has such a large scale M2, and will continue to go on the case of large future depreciation of the renminbi will be under tremendous risk


Love the red shoes luck roll star

With a pair of red Bledel Alexis satin shoes to match a simple but elegant dress very grab an eye, let the band will focus on to her feet, but the leopard hand bag scattered part, although more attention to read, but appear a little messy, the focus of a enough, more of a burden instead.

Hilary Duff this double red high-heeled shoes with three-dimensional bowknot adornment, more feminine. Only a low-key dress up, but because the cowboys and become an outstanding pairs of shoes. In ordinary modelling added an eye-catching accessories collocation methods for reference, and absolutely not too blatant, and can show your own unique charm

By an ugly Betty Ferrera is becoming the world's on a lucky man, qimaobuyang she also did not a good figure, but is controversial. She usually like to choose some dress skirt, the modelling of obvious outstanding waist-hip ratios, the advantages of the body as far as possible, and the perfect, although some bloated, but after all, do woman flavour X modelling. She is very like this pair of red high-heeled shoes, attend activities in this pair of shoes to match small formal attire, was pretty right
Handsome husband and two sons, and love not pick the case and make out money, but also must fashionable grade, Christina Aguilera really envy letting a person. Although she was not standard slender, but instead of plump figure concave and convex have send more deeply sexy woman flavour. Handsome fur and bull-puncher knickers is tie-in, Christian Louboutin Pumps legging black tide stylish rider below collocation a pair of red shoes mouth fish is the pen that make the finishing point, and the fantasy of her lips make-up echo more emphasized

Blake Lively absolutely can be queen, a good luck is gossip girl let her peremptory became the new generation of fashion models, not only for the big each new into her hand, she also became the sending of a fashion brand show, is deeply honored guest head row fashion authorities on fashion magazine cover board,Christian Louboutin Boots many times, many people crowded broken head for the treatment, but she is not easily obtained, luck is not good.
A Angelababy might see let the person feel beaming, including red dress fashionable sexy and super short, Christian Louboutin Flats with sequins illuminative high-heeled shoes and dress complete modelling, also formed a good ornament.


Italy was leading the world of fashion footwear luxury storm

In 1500 years, European noble descent men began to wear high heels, in order to be in when riding on the heel pedal. Although this more or less involved in the history of man, heel court it still became popular, "satisfactory heel" period, which symbolizes identity or expensive shoe.
In Italy, in 1533 DE Medici wedding new Orleans duke and France will bring the agitation of heels. Some fashion master insisted that should be in Florence's wedding wear Christian Louboutin Pumps high-heeled shoes, ladies to such views should say thank you. 14 for Paris is the bride vertically new "It" shoes and ecstasy.
You may also thinking of Leonardo Da Vinci versatile talent can't create any of the items, but actually he is the creator of legend high-heeled shoes.
Now when the woman dressed in comfort and the running speed of Manolos 5 "pride, 16th century French, Spanish and Italian women seem more like money to flaunt himself. In the 16th century, the high-heeled shoes, the popularity of the most obvious in Venice. The high-heeled shoes of extreme high, it will reach the height of 24". Women's social status, the higher the her actions, they can only rely on restricted his cane or a servant to action. Until the late 18th century before the French revolution in this style high-heeled shoes on the French revolution, when it is regarded as a vulgar for wealth. Ironically, Marie Antoinette in 1793 only because her initial tragic pair of shoes made by 2 "on the gallows.
Finally, Italian and European elsewhere in the late 19th century in the factory. Soon, the United States in 1888 also opened the first high-heeled shoes factory. Christian louboutin Black When hemlines through jing beautiful woman of shoes to foil the legs, women like the style in the 20th century, Christian Louboutin Boots comprehensive develop. In 1954, Roger Vivier designed to his notorious first pair of shoes, but with Dior pointed that makes this Italian leads the world of fashion footwear luxury storm. Fashion followers to get a pair of other women's shoes and envy of choice is very easy, Italy's first and last destination. The choice is Moschino Miu Miu still choose?


Christian Louboutin replicas of chic style

In an industry where n number of designers are born everyday and the number of designers who fade away in darkness there are few who leave a mark. In this case we may say leaves his footprints behind for others to take an example and follow. It is Christian louboutin Black who can make an entry into this universe starting out as a dance shoemaker and then taking a big place in the minds and hearts of the fashionistas. Hence the Christian Louboutin Replica started coming out on popular demand.
In the beginning his shoes were expensive but not exuberantly expensive. Once his designs started getting recognised and he started getting fame the footwear he made started becoming out of reach for the admirers. Hence Christian Louboutin Replica got famous among the people who could not afford the original one. The demand of replicas over the years has made sure the replicas are of good quality. The sale is updated according to the new lines he launches.
The Christian Louboutin Miss Fortune Replica Pumps are a delight to watch. This design is chic and upmarket. This is best to be worn with some short dress giving it complete access to flaunt around. It is made of soft napa leather and being a peep toe it also keeps the present season's trend in place. The leather lace up against the skin is something to watch out for. This pair stands really high at more than five inches from the ground that too in a backdrop of red sole.
Footwear might mean nothing to any normal human being. However for those who have a foot fetish they treat their pair of wonder as much as a piece of jewellery. It is this simple fact on which the whole footwear industry is based. Men might complain that they can't explore choices in clothes and shoes the way women do. It is because the female species are more fond of their whole attire than men and hence the variety. Though there is little exception among men who adore detailing as much as women do and understand it more than them. These designers have not only understood but designed beautiful alternative for women. For those who couldn't try their hands on any pair because of the price factor try the Christian Louboutin replica.
The Christian Louboutin replica from a reputed place not only insures the whole variety but also the quality. The detailing and the signature style of the original is best copied and executed at such places. How do you find such places? Well search for Christian Louboutin sale online. This search will give away the whole high quality replica collections. The variety is not only in terms of designs but also the type of footwear like boots, sandals and pumps.
The Christian Louboutin Replica Patent Leather Helmut Pump for example is made up of patent leather. The speciality of this pointed toe design is the dipped d'Orsay sides and the four inches stiletto heels. This number is perfect for business purpose as well as will other evening dresses. Different colors give the convenience of teaming it up with almost everything. This pair is best worn with a short dress to give your legs a never ending look and give your height that extra elevation.


Hendricks, Christina. "advertising maniac endorsements London fog autumn advertising

YiKang ennis brand group (nasdaq: ICON) announced that emmy nominated actress Christina Hendricks will speak London fog autumn advertising. Christina Hendricks works include the advertising maniac "drama emmy Mad (Michigan algorithmic decoder Man), and in the recent Mr Fashion magazine" America's most beautiful woman ".
Christina Hendricks said: "in London fog is a classic meaningful fashion brands, I've always liked. This brand advertising and dingyi" in the drama, we often wear this brand, so the endorsement of London fog, everything is interconnected. Coat for men and women are so classical image, it is suitable for anyone - whether in the 1960s and then, can wear a fashionable feeling."
YiKang ness Hendricks, because she is beautiful choice, mature charm. The big, black seductive dress in London fog Hendricks, put a charming gesture, her snow-white skin with London fog colorful costumes, texture inter-shining perturbation of sexy.
This advertisement is Ji by YiKang ennis marketing team and cameraman filmed Munoz Nino in Los Angeles. YiKang nice China Co., LTD CaoYingHui lady said: "the modern breath concurrently Christina and classical elegance, which is represented in London fog spirit of the brand in China. This will be launched in London fog dress shop Christian louboutin Black . We believe that the Chinese consumers will also like her interpretation of London fog advertising."

London Fog (Fog) is none of the world's most famous brand of coat jackets and coats, is recognized as the leader, clothing for more than 80 years of history. Its excellent quality, selling more than 20 countries in Europe and America, and by the modern social elite. 2009 September, YiKang nice China Co., LTD. And Shanghai withChristian Louboutin Pumps red dress Co., LTD will London Fog Fog none (in Chinese), in order to satisfy the wise, and elite Chinese white collars fine fashionable grade. LONDON FOG FOG none (of) products include mainly women played outside, still deserve garment timely in Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, nanjing, chongqing, wuhan etc., suzhou city offers specialty shops and stores nearly 50 counters:
A new Christian Louboutin season by 2010, multimedia advertising will appear America since October, trends and fashion magazine, including entertainment, Cosmopolitan, Elle InStyle, outdoor advertising and the Internet.


The woman is among

Women are literature.
The woman is the embodiment of beauty in the world. No woman. The world is really nice. Lack of lack of beauty.
Man is changed. People have become a beast. Beast. Mortals have humanity. People have seven d.. People who will
Hide. People who speak politely. False. The second is polite people face. But people like beasts. Hungry to eat. No meal will not
Method the modern living. From primitive... Live head fighting for yourself enough to eat enough. For children. Also drink
And eat. Protect yourself caught. One beast. Development of man himself. Is the patent.
Female life. Love children. Children kept mother society by the guardian family responsibility for asylum noble instincts.
The woman was kindled greatly expand big egos. When people come up. The next may.Christian Louboutin Than men, so my hand. ' 'poison malicious before her
Heart. "they tend to put this crime motive to explain the love. Love, "I'm not to let's family, "
Female beauty is an ace women. Women most love dress. A chance of make-up box out exquisite to draw a mirror
Draw eyebrow eye. Rubbernecking looked around for yaw-roll-pitch....... It is unfortunate amorous. Life is short of old woman. Flowering: especially.
Soon that is become xu niang. So. A woman the most popular cosmetic.......... The most worry brokenhearted weight. The favour. Marriage
Self-anatomy.Christian Louboutin Sandals Narrow-minded. Jealous man. So paranoid.
Women don't believe people. Once believed. Even if she would all credulous... But a woman. But although credulity
To truly believe that a man before. The woman abound fantasy. Emotional. Like in their homes in the building.
Woman: yes. Your advantage that love is beautiful. You desire. Your weaknesses that envy.
Who said the daughter is made of water. I have not only is not man against man of mud and scold is' 'body' '
Will become.
Men and women are mud knead. You my people.
The woman's image. I'm afraid to more trendy. Much more complicated. Li. Consumption much dry. Of course also much more romantic.
When the woman for the man in the attachment. Get rid of the woman occupies. Will break alone in her husband wear all lovers of potassium
The earth turns around the stove and narrow. To live with a woman to acme advantage of instinct. These fashionable woman.
The complex degree than man. I'm afraid to make people more transparent. Also have reason to doubt, The woman is really do? / water?


Fashion design super high heels in master supermodel boycott

The model showed MaiKun works.
The guinness book of MaiKun dressed in costumes of ".

Fashion "rogue" design super high heels
Supermodel workplace safety "about" collective strike
This year's fashion week in Paris, a British fashion "rogue," said the stylist Alexander - MaiKun launched the high-heeled shoes "armadillo avant-garde appearance. But according to the British media reported recently, because of the high heel shoes 25.5 centimeters (10 inches), three international top model has resisted, strike on the fashion models for health and safety.
According to media reports, the milan three models were Australian, lee - gram, shaw ELuoSiJi of natasha - polly and SaSha - 1 f the warrens doll. Because of the MaiKun wear gram shaw show this year qiu dong outfit of shoes when the knee pain symptoms appear, must sit long rest on T stage to continue, now don't wear the high-heeled shoes adventure. Shaw said, MaiKun design, the new shoes "workplace safety" height, is in danger of falling on T stage, they decided to refuse to MaiKun collections. A thing is the fashion industry.
MaiKun designers from Darwin on the origin of species of design inspiration, except by chun xia female clothes like art colour, such as jing shape simple but amazing high-heeled shoes more eye-catching. Read this show people should feel slowly on the model T stage of caution. Indeed, such a heel height is very breathtaking, because more than 20 centimeters high heels.
Actually, in 1994, the famous black supermodel NaAoMi Campbell wearing punk godmother pleats grace - west wood design heel of 18 centimeters (8 inches) baba shoe runway, in T stage safely fell and became a fashion, classic and broke into the shoes. However, the design of MaiKun shoes taller than shoes, the model combined protests. Past models for respect designers, seldom strikes, so the three models are caused by the action of fashion, model has gradually up their health and safety also won the recognition of some people.
British footwear designer hope lady said she sympathized these female model, because wear so high shoes "like on a ruler to walk Christian Louboutin Pumps, this is not everyone wants to see." Feminism writer ali, said to LiWenSen - designers say "no" to the rise of feminine consciousness is model, always stylist, stylist requirements, tie-in dress shoes how model model is now they know that must be followed out of danger in clothing.
But fashion circle someone like "adventure", British socialite daphne - Alexander - 2010 in the guinness book of MaiKun dress collocation attend activities, spring is a pair of feet like butter lobster heels, chela is very conspicuous. She is British guinness family guinness heiress, ever marry ChuanWang Greece, now is the son of man, is fashionable tide bedlamite high-heeled shoes. The fashionable style always bold astonishing ray godmother "ga ga in her miss the MV film" Bad "dressed Romance netizen called" strange fish shoes ", "live seafood dishes MaiKun" the high-heeled shoes of shoes. German supermodel, Heidi, but once across a pair of krum by MaiKun design, Christian Louboutin heels shoes exceed 30 centimeters (12 inches). "Although the armadillo is famous as a T stage, but love shoes deadly weapons of emerging addiction's.
Small material: Alexander - MaiKun
Alexander MaiKun - Britain's fashionable circle of the famous "bad boy", called the "terrible sea-shore" and "the British fashion rascal". He was born in 1969, father is the east end of London, local taxi driver. MaiKun begin from childhood to help his three sisters,Christian Louboutin and then made the clothes in the future will become a fashion designer's decision. MaiKun is the youngest British fashion award in 1996 and 2003, he won four times a year between "the best British designer". The British empire was awarded the commander (CBE), also fashion designer's player of the year award, international designer.


Man is really stupid affair or refusing?

I this year, rushed three, can now do the other small three. His career is small, 38, in order to develop the child, his wife get the child in the field. His wife is a full-time wife. At first I thought is lonely, need anyway. After all, he is still in the economic aspect, of course also not to mean a lot of money to my salary's pocket money).Christian Louboutin shoes Compared with the other girl I was living in relative comfort.
We get along with more than half a year, can feel, as long as he has a time like and I together, each having is he couldn't help to find me. He said he loved my life, don't leave me, But also love his wife, don't hurt her. He said he was lucky, and two ice snow cleverness woman love (he always told me many he and his wife, she is really a very smart women). He said I am his power to open a restaurant, can make my life more comfortable and happy, also in preparing for the hotel in (of course, but not for me. I can make the economy will become more relaxed some). I know he's not only limited appeal to the beautiful and sexy at the factors (although still very important right now, Christian Louboutin Pumps all men find one small three, passion is a very attractive temptation, my character and self-restraint and his hand.
My feelings towards him, now feel that happiness is more than pain (like he is sure, but love is not), I feel more awake the love is kind of woman, don't know is numb or wisdom. Now I want to work hard in his work in good can be good for me to stay true to themselves), and is also a strong woman when I left him. I believe your words: a woman can only do good to marry. Although he is feeling in the future we said to have similar "child", etc, but I just listen to, the life I want! But I'm very touched on the surface (: do you think I'm a yearning for life, false!
Now I have two problems: 1, I do is really bad, or his cruel? 2 and I are numb or wisdom?
A man can love really hearts two women? Is he so clever man doesn't look out of my mind?


The Internet is a fashion: the fashion

Years ago, if you want to understand fashion information, will have to run to the big family of stylist. Christian Louboutin Pumps See But now, without such network changed our lifestyle. Fashion life is built a new revolution.One of my favorite fashion scenes in the film is Clueless. Michelle protagonist in a row with her own clothes before the pieces, and then choose oneself likes to try a dress for the party. While I was watching in 15 years ago this movie, but I believe that even after 20 years, I still remember the scene.But now in Stardoll.com, website that can try different clothes. My niece of 8 years is quite like this game. You can choose your favorite clothes for the party. Still can match hairstyle, headwears and makeup.The British consumers that 58%, shopping online shopping streets than in convenient, in the product after see screen, think like can buy. Now in the perfect online website commodity prices, the product is rich, clear, the function is strong. As Asos website.com sales is quite good.On the Internet, blog, these fashionable Twitter etc, they all the interesting things brings us many fashion information. Some websites, such as individual Topshop.com, Showmeyourwardobe.com, etc have your own fans.Beginning in total sales network luxury brands have hesitated, but now the attitude, not only in the enterprise's official website on Youtube, and can see the brand of the latest trends and T stage photos. Network will no longer be confined in fashionable cities, Christian Louboutin shoes even from the urban district also through the network to understand the fashion information.


Spencer Marks and to be named Robert Pattinson sale of underwear

Want to wear the pants Pattinson Robert?
Kristen Stewart may say something, but she couldn't stop the charming frowns Marks and Spencer, people thought of new RPattz called the man underwear series.The British department issued a plan in the autumn, a series of cultivate one's morality pants, price is £12 two.
"In recent years, Christian Louboutin we have witnessed the popular and they with hippies. The latest fashion this year qiu dong limited series on September, target group is the fashionable young customers." A man's clothing purchasing manager M&S Beale Richard said.
The frivolous men's underwear is close-fitting clipping of clothing and cooperate with cotton fabrics, design and LaRong cotton as materials, and tie-in luxuriant hemline.


5 information by weaving made out 11 caps

5 knitting hat & information is the simplest and most atmosphere, there is the most lovely, the most agile, the most practical, believe there is tie-in oh you like. 11 holidays bring your knitting cap and mood outings.Travel light clothing is indispensable, wear knitting garment cap to strengthen the modelling of simple sense, also can cover the sun slightly. Woven hat & information is attracting eyeballs cute-looking!The most simple: a straw hat and messy low horsetailFocus on the continuous hot season of the straw hat, tie-in abandon heavy and complicated knitting elements wind blowing, low horsetail messy hair feeling, go on a vacation.Build skills: straw hat modelling, the elements is to show natural dye-in-the-wood, hairstyle simple nature. Bang on both sides of the hair nature, then back down the hair, the outline of a messy clincher.The most practical: straw hat & hair plait of hot focus bring fresh breath: plait, scroll hair is attracting eyeballs. Hat take you back to nature and travel clumsily wrapped.Build skills: this hairstyle in the previous princess head slightly modify, do not directly from the head, and sent into information but is close to ear. The plait of hair, suitable for the first time can be loosely, from the side, then braid hair start bit behind when Ed on both sides of the hair after all plait, put them together in a small clamps, behind it. This hat is no bad hairstyle with straw, fresh and natural, remove and do not break vogue.The atmosphere: knitting cap and intellectual bud hair focus hot: the modelling of the intellectual quietly elegant vacation lets a person feel the wind. Black hat is very facture weave.Build skills: for there DianJuan degrees of collocation of hair, or with a sense of dust and hair, loosely with sexual curl curve, can highlight the knitting cap. Charming If the hair behind a bud bud, the position must be appropriate, not too much, the best side. Then put natural curl, collocation that nation through the wind is super good-looking. Earrings,