You are my king

At first, people call him three young man. Later is three yes. Later, paragraph three son. Again and again later, paragraph old. Only she, called him on the lifetime haven't changed: "ah --"
Also be family. Father is a brilliant, jinan in the book read out the gold room and QianZhongSu, living a house in daming lake three pass, garden is to embark on three sides peach pear half court springs, powder powder freely flowed from the court, cool and refreshing greasy slippery. Her father to be a guest, he was with a carefree willows tease hold put a tail by the fallen petal of brocade carp, listen to her "ah --" a sound, lift to see, pear tree, the little girl like powder carving, there are a couple YuZhuo natural dimples. Parents are set to point to an abdomen of marriage.
Father to his education, completely according to the custom of the old literati, eight revenue xue learn four books five through, ten worship Ming division acquisition verses, and even blown pull her painting since, are all children of the introductory skill. Often has a home, discharge makeup "tanghui actors are willing to teach him a two ballad, gradually had half division host. A child is watching father worship, and secondly LiangYuMei attempting point gratuity, unavoidable arouses a rare material always spared of heart, hook and face with a robe, when children on a word "want to an xianyu ah!" Quite see your testimonies, obtain CaiSheng piece.
Volatile smile, salutes to his father: "the congratulation son not common. NianBai, pronunciation and the gas, transports throat, quite see future for him potential. No, we will be outstanding." Father devoting for ceremony: "joking." But his heart is Chi 1, family children how to be reduced XiZi humble?
Is a language into Chen. Come down, economic distress, times impermanence fate stepped, invasion social upheaval, upside down a number of black and white, once the refined taste eventually became three yes to earn a living means. Thick hide faces the bitterness of paint, the former romantic has setback. But she is unquestionably from still honour in the family of break out and broke his father's sake, became splashed out of the water, tsing yi element face, straight back the small burden to see him, "ah --" a sound, four eyes relative, had no coagulation pharynx, besmear spent life's face.
Lightning never strikes twice, evil will not separate. Later, even on the stage to renew old prestige and have become extravagant hopes. Situation such as chess, subsequent decades in he still difficult, once in childhood is spoiled, eight on the stage of prestige and now in below will for rice beams bitter stratagem, often opening speaker at sound legend: "alas!" She held her hand: "you are pulling force mountain xi qi gaishi, I brings adverse xi Zhui never dies. Have I do, always good."
He was called segment son has stood in the opposite of the masses, is "guy". A tadpole tegmark master career, is he grew into the frog also get rid of the tail. Organizationally find her talk to her like that, like a family resolutely against parted ways with him. But she shake head: "he's only for me."
Accompany him together mid-1960s-until tyrannised, sweeping the street, and again, as he had done to review the home, for he had drawn a "bunch of" reigns. But he stayed in the past phantom, return to a home, self-effacing fall on the bed, the exclusion of housework cumbersome and child crying, only consulted looking at the remnants of the ceiling no words, whose food ready until she called him to eat. She burn hot water, according to enter his foot gently wash: "ah, spot, if can endure that overlord a humiliation, perhaps would also have three years of hexi?"
He wry smile 1: "all is full of chu, settle is liu song has gained chu; solitary clung to yi!" She sipped a chaos existing silver hair, smile 1: "that I be your YuJi."
Day, not as stage, daily necessities sauce vinegar tea, is homely open the door seven matter. She will be able to put a tree cabbage made seven dishes, can put the three feet into the family BuPiao mending the warm, but always, cannot leave him from ever wake up with a start, the rich carefree in real memories from attitudinal retrieves, occasionally themselves are not for sure: in at that time, he was really grain regardless of the rich princess? He was really romantic charming around the young?
With a sudden idea of couse, life persecutions total not tolerate a moment of stope, with only her mild and meek always comfort him drought-stricken vicissitudes of the heart. But total enemy nevertheless, wind and frost sword phase pushed bitterness. "Even if JuAnJiMei, but really, meaning difficult flat." JuAnJiMei is her, meaning difficult flat is he, see an increasingly depression.Christian Louboutin Pumps
A few times are "living is enough", but again by her to stay. She nestled in his chest, tender, warm temperature of flocculant as personal as pesters the cany: "you will always be my overlord. If you can't hold out much longer, let I how can do?" Just a spade a cold sweat.
Fortunately days always bright. How many times "see king in his sleep in garment instability, I here to non-ledger and scattered sorrow heart", eventually stayed up "light is directed toward to order before stood firm, fierce rise see BiLa moonlight qingming", the former three yes, once the segment son, eventually became today's section old. Just million unexpectedly, carried out the policy, restored treatment, or even refunded part of ChaoMei possessions, they should be SheXian sunshine heavy feeling the bloom, but she suddenly flabby, like light oil will do the lamp, in the wind, producing out in the bed, from now on with spring breeze no.
Some things should be approved by turns can understand, some people subject to suffering can grow only, he walked into the kitchen, facing utterly unfamiliar basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle and red, green, drizzle nowhere, just doing it suddenly realize: her from a big miss farther turning into an shall kiss for housewife, accompanied by his side close to caress the four or five years, is also had with him now also difficult, despair, helpless and without in?Christian louboutin Black
Tears rolling pan, "snapping". Finally understand: oneself is never her king, but by her, with love to ruling a lifetime.