Hubby, when we will get married?

"Hubby, when we will get married?" A woman face curious aboutly ask, from voice resolution, she is very lively inquiries. They've been together time soon, 2 years just, get along with 2 years of lovers is everywhere, you can catch a great, while now, people, can have a few in communicative when thinking about marriage?
"Now there is no breakthrough in my work, over 2 years!" Man gentle way.
"Oh!" No disappointment and no exciting, seem to be expected. "Hubby, if I am with child?"
"Do you have?" The man griped the woman's hands, eyes sharp at her.
"You griped hurting me!" The woman shouted out, "I am to ask a just, I will tell you!
"Dear, you remember, we shouldn't have a child for now, economic perhaps can need not is possible at the economics but we can't accept it mentally, nursing a child is not like nursing a pet, simple; if you are pregnant, you should tell me, I will accompany you going to the hospital, understand?" Listen to the woman's words, the man put heart, and soft voice say to the woman of his own opinion.
"Don't worry about it! I won't care. If I was with child will not cozen you, aha!" The refreshing voice of the woman rang again. But, at the bottom of the woman wondering whether the man's words, each other approval work actually are pretty good also calculate stability; Have several times thinking, men just contacts initial mentioned marry, and when each other communication becomes stable without involved marriage, Women although woman.she but not really stupid. Actually don't know them between the problem really out? Is not love? Although do not feel love but did not feel which do not love, may be time to let each calm. Now they live of the house, the half is a woman out understand money, She used to balance. Ferial shopping, he never accompany her, she never feel what uncomfortable, after all habits to amuse themselves is the most likely that the way to be happy, at this time but think of this movement whether can also measure his feelings.
"Hubby, today you accompany me to go shopping okay? You've never accompany me on the street!" Woman spoiled brat said.
"Busy! Lovely, how about I accompany today?" The man said in inadvertence.
"Would you like to go?"
"Go by yourself, what to buy yourself to withdraw funds is." The man's sight was being on the documents.
"Husband, I suddenly want to marry you, how do?" Pure beautiful little face shining big-eyed innocent looking man, This words now man's attention back to her body. The man looked at the present is not realistic cruelty delimit next too many traces of woman, dull not bear and weak.
"The paper for you is what mean?" The man put his work down and wanted to have a talke with the woman.
"I don't know. And getting married with you is there any connection between the paper?"
"You want to get married is not want that piece of paper?" The man bent his brows.
"If you think that also can now, did you ever want to marry me? Who is actually in asking you future ever take count me!" Still be sprightly voice.
"From the start, I intend to go with you forever, you should understand." The man answered indirectly.
"You never replied my question directly yeah, no matter which question!" Women make the voice in very dia, "ok, I will not talk with you, lest I am angry! Aha, I go shopping! Don't you accompany, hum! A great roar, she took up her bag with a light posture walked out of the room.
Shut the door behind her smile is filled with the original face instantaneousbe sinks down, change into a face pale and sadness, has let a person catch the eyes cannot super-charged hi blurred. Taking steps, slowly walked in crowded way, but also totally blank stuffed with thoughts, always think oneself is soon can enlarge the happy joy transition damage, the exhausted strength, but it cannot be done; Tears were running down! Sometimes wish loss to fate had to yield destiny! Happy goblins will not happiness! Cry enough, pack up and raise your smiling face tears and rushed to the pedestrian street give beloved he chose 10 suit 10 shirt 10 tie 10 brooch 10 pairs of socks 10 shoes, credit card is almost brush storms, but she laughed to see. This time, she is an elf, can infect humans elves. Too many things not, have to carry a taxi back. Overjoy in toward him to show off his record, he see so many clothes, the mouth cape side faint twitching, look at the things always beside the blockbuster she didn't know react. "Hubby, all these pick me, ok?" Looking at his pick of narcissism, to suit her own eyes she always confident. "Hubby, these clothes remember slowly wear well, see today good-looking, whim will help you buy! Hum, you should dare say a dislike of words, I'll let you prostrate, hear no?" On hips threat, intentionally plate up that zhang coy face.
"Good! I say don't like, but you buy so many? How do you always waste!" Men talk with accusations.
"Lumme, husband, anyway have bought you scold me also useless! I hope that you could deeply more and you could like these clothes, ok?" Act in pettish to shake his hand, a face of injustice shape.
He returned to her a helpless eyes, rubbing his her hair: "ok! You ah, later remember don't so hear no? Calculate otherwise you act in pettish I did not spare!"
"Yeah!" She reeled her head. "Hey hey... xi xi..." Women have been grinning smirking incessantly, the man looked at also open mouth laughed out, his woman was so cute, and a child as secured, also have mature woman's intellectual, "Wife" such as she, what is not satisfied? In his heart ponderover see parents, never mentioned marriage just want to give her a surprise, at the outset together, he is determined to marry her.
"Hubby, my this month go home with my mom? I have not graduated to now would stay at home, mother I love, I afraid brother marry the wife bullying my mama, I want to go back to" education "brother go to!" At night, she floor with him and his hands on him, he scratched his itch his talon away, the side laughed: "after all you recall your mom?
"Ha ha, somebody else I am a clever girl! Husband, I bought at noon tomorrow ticket, this time you can take good care of yourself!"
"So you are ingenious ah, I know why you suddenly so kind to me!" The man pretended to be a demon represent.
"Ha ha, you pack of all don't like! Distaste" laugh fulled the whole world.
Half a month in the past, a man can not bear no woman in the side of emptiness, missing her naughty, miss her temperature; She telephone helpline, men whisper of grinding woman hurry up to buy tickets back. The phone she relaxed as silver laughter resounded throughout the mind to his eye making red. "Wife, you back, ok? We get married! At that moment, the other end of the phone was silent. "You not want to marry me?" Silence, after the woman gently asked. "I don't want to, I want to be at the right time to surprise you, just count but miss say first!" Man explained. "Ha ha, good, you wait me back okay?" Women recover elves samples. Appeared to have been around the world itself. Continue to half a month has passed, the man saw the woman prolonged absence, again make a phone call, This time the phone rang long before he was picked up, it is woman's brother pick, the man asked his woman how hasn't come back, and my brother said she there still need to handle something, not so fast, can go back, please inform soon he don't care. Again after half month, the man received from women younger brother's call, brother let he immediately after their homes, says women occupy. The man was scared and booked ticket as arrow ban gallop airport.
At that, the woman's brother e42 and brother recognized man, all the way to the silent man hospital; Sinister foreboding hangs over the man, ward door open, woman emaciated pale of face shock live man, heart hammered by mercilessly pulled a, colic unbearable. Dragging soft weak legs, Wallace to closed eyes of woman, with the hand, gently stroking the familiar cheeks, once the of petting. "Elder sister, dragging the advanced gastric cancer for two months." Brother at a side said gently, woman's parents circles instantly and extensive red. This accident, really very accidental, accident to the even what is not clear, accident to the he feels he is in the clouds. Stomach cancer, originally woman always say no appetite is always not eat, said to reduce weight is to woman's lifelong career, all of this is an excuse, he blame yourself how didn't foreigners.and to observe, Blame myself so careless let woman alone walked with this the most difficult time. Women go to heaven after half month, from women live to send a letter that city, the man looked at familiar font, who trembled:
"Dear hubby:
You are missing me, right? I think so, I feel your in heaven! Hubby, you said you wanted to marry me, really good moved! Thought that you only want to be with me and not share my ideas! Husband, thank you for your love! With you oh, really is the happiest thing! Wake up in the morning you will shout hands, hee hee, know? The husband, this is the single most moved most remember moments, at home these days I sleep, without your arm as a pillow without your arms when bay; But I don't regret that I don't want you to see my wretchedness can be tortured humanoid appearance, I believe you change you will not make me see myself miserable side! The husband, forgive me, later only in heaven laughs it to you! Hubby, a year ago, how I wish time to communities, how to put you remember forever in the heart bottom, but find out how to see you get enough, I don't know how to do to make heart comfortable, I know you to hear the voice of my smile, in fact I myself or like your smiling, so every day laugh, make you will always remember me, is a good selfishness? I'm afraid I walked after you take everything I ice-age into a even touch never touch the corner, I'm afraid, afraid there I feel cold, so use love makes you to my unforgettable! I like every day last day here, so, enough, this life have you, enough!
The last time to help you buy clothes socks shoes, you every year in the day I left on a set of go to see my good? 10 set, that was 10 years, 10 years, you can only use 10 days to me, in particular that day, you will think of me also prohibit to don't want me, you know I like purple roses, remember to find oh, for my husband but very confident! Remember, one year is that day can wear, other times not to touch the costumes, if you forget, the less you see those in old clothes, after may think of my this request! Xi xi, later you marry a wife, remember that day bring the to let me see, but don't tell her I is who is that women will mind, just say... Uh... He said, I am your childhood? I envy those childhood friends who grew up! Later you marry a wife, that she is "the za wife", you want to the za wife good oh, just like this to me, because I am in the heavens