"Dine out" how to eat healthy and slim

Whether buying or renting the kitchen for you are expendable? At least 6 days a week or more for a variety of restaurants are resolved early in the dinner? To you by friends or relatives abroad as the local culinary map? Yes, this is your standard urban food restaurants.
Modern society, women are the majority of the city's white-collar "food restaurants." You have been a variety of restaurants, eat around, and go to eat? Eat? It for you, and even has become a "Hamlet" type of choice! However, there is a question you ignored, that is, each days of such eating habits, your weight has long been another secretly crossed a high degree, by leaps and bounds toward the peak of your unknown. And your future physical development is exactly the contrary, more and more close to the Mariana Trench!
Scene One: Dinner was finally united colleagues completed a large project, all my colleagues decided to eat some restaurants to reward the hard work for several days. Chinese restaurant in town is always popular voices. Block seated rows, as ladies, you always reserved to give a chance to order other colleagues working alongside colleagues at the moment are grateful to become a "violent twist meal," the wine and meat gay, although meat and fish call . Under no match for the temptation, you have to pray to lose weight can have a strong will of iron, not adding two liang fat eating and drinking. Ms. special meal prepared for all the sweet drinks, dinner seems to have become an integral part of today, Coke, Sprite, juice, rich in variety. Hesitation, of course, can not choose carbonated beverages, orange juice you choose. When the celebration of the drinks served, and you chose not strong wine. Celebrate some toast, butter beef, sauce, dried fish and other cold dishes first, the taste not greasy, you naturally no polite to Xia Zhu. Then one by one main course offer different colors, hot and sour sweet and salty, seductive hue, will be even stronger, you can ring had color, but also the temptation to quit will not incense, you have to call under the passion in the crowd a taste of the dishes that only. Gongchoujiaocuo the dining room, careful not to eat too much of my main course, drink plenty of salty soup had to satisfy their craving. Three drinks, food, after over five flavors, naturally, everyone wants to point up some of the staple food, did not forget any of you by a major natural rice had quit a long time, down to the color range of restaurants dot the taste of a soft spot: Crisp Hong small point, India throwing cake, fried milk, both stylish and delicious. Satiated, everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, playing taxi to go home, maybe you're still glad I finally saved later years, did not dare eat Precept Breaking?
Handling of the "mistakes" the current A, before a meal of sweet drinks, really do not choose high-calorie carbonated beverages, fruit juice can also do not think that choice is the right answer. In fact, today is a lot of fruit juice drinks containing fruit juice, real fruit juice may not exceed 10%, while the sugar and spice is the main ingredient. This juice number of calories per 100 ml is not low. B, to remind those who pay attention to diet, alcohol, high calories, but "suppliers", a small glass of wine a day is enough to provide one third of the heat. Per gram of alcohol contains 7 kilocalories, so you must not ignore the negative alcohol effects on your weight loss. C, cold dish less fat, more light, but the beef and other meat and fish sauce, cold dishes, cold dishes will swap out the role of nutritional balance, causing the body to absorb too much protein, the body naturally bring more heat to accumulate. D, lunch entrees are generally big oil, high-calorie, and tastes rich, so even if you are extremely careful, every dish tasted, but also in unconsciously absorb the excess calories. E, between meals and after dinner there is oil must not drink the salty soup with salt. Think of a very large number of dishes has provided more than salt and fat, so that the body overwhelmed; if the soup again, will definitely add more salt and heat, and unhealthy, weight loss plan more negative. F, postprandial Suxiang small point, though are small, but fat content, but much higher than the rice noodles, crisp point in particular classes and throw cake, oil up to 30%, and even a higher proportion of saturated fat. G, fond immediately get a taxi, then you this is just to consolidate your accumulated fat results.
Scene Two: candlelight dinner with your favorite long-date him, you naturally choose to love the restaurant to enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner meals, including, but not the benefits of: the environment elegant, melodious piano, roses glamorous, the most suitable for flirting; dim lighting, facial defects invisible to each other are the attractive men and women; more important is the Western low heat, oil is small, should not make you lose weight the hard work destroyed. Elegant clothes, elegant manners, elegant menu to look at, naturally elegant and not have the opportunity to know how to choose meals to bring too many calories for the job is, after all, exotic, many dish easy to make you a bit confused, of course, At the same time a test of your endurance of his pockets. Appetizer appetizers, foie gras, cream of chicken cakes box appears to be the choice of high quality, and the next colored cream soup tangy flavor, mixed fruit salad were again, together with the sweet juice of France is the most you assured access, bites of the. As for the main course, you naturally can not choose high calorie steak, fried fish or chicken chop looks is a good choice, with the rich taste of a pouring hot sauce, flavor of the more than let you put calorie leave behind the problems. Dessert'd make you hesitate again, telling myself maybe a little ice cream or pudding component of the believers is not heinous. Finally, taste the fragrant coffee, you and he so quiet about the situation, talk about love, a warm night to spend so quietly?Christian Louboutin Boots
Handling of the "mistakes" the current A, Western-style meal, the foie gras certainly be high-calorie, high fat appetizer, foie gras, where there are 100 grams per 462 kilocalories, 43.84 grams of fat content, although delicious , but it will make you pay a painful price for weight gain. B, Western's many dishes will add cream, a spoonful of light cream contains 45 calories, a rich milk 10 tablespoons butter dishes need, then there is 450 calories. It seems that the choice of cream soup is very inappropriate. C, 1 spoonful of salad dressing contains 60 calories, so a fruit salad, mixed vegetables, might give you at least 300 calories. D, although the main course you choose seafood or chicken to replace high-calorie steak is correct, but noted that many Western main course is the use of a large number of high-fat butter or sauce to match, so the taste is relatively light, But the heat can be no less. E, a little less sweet though, but high-calorie ice cream is an indisputable fact that a ball of vanilla ice cream to contain 97 calories; and fragrant coffee, the reason, it is because coupled with the results of sugar and cream. This "triple play" combination will give you an additional 300 calories, 20 grams of fat content.
Super Error Correction Bazhao healthy to eat out a slim, go to a restaurant, do not Zhigu reserved Declining, but should especially cherish the opportunity to order their own Oh! That you can order something light for their own low-fat dishes, the most good points well in advance to the dish, even a small piece of paper to write on their own time constraints. If so the decision to give others, the results point to a delicious greasy food, you really want to test your will: resist the temptation of food, but it is proving difficult! 2, sweet drinks before a meal, should choose low-sugar sub- , the true low-calorie fruit juice, vegetable juice or soy milk. Some restaurants homemade corn juice, pumpkin juice, juice and cereals are a good choice. 3, the best advertised in advance grateful to Fox friends, their on a diet, so that others too warm, forcing greet you eat and drink. Of course, this approach is to give yourself the magic spell, since it has been known to lose weight you are, I believe you are embarrassed to release the magnanimous to eat and drink has become excessive. 4, good cold dish selection is mixed with raw vegetables, dipping sauce for vegetables, add starch-containing foods (such as buckwheat, fern root powder), root food (such as lotus root, Chinese yam, etc.) and fruit salad and vegetables based, coupled with one or two less meat and fish and soy oil. Foods with these refreshing appetizer that can guarantee a meal in dietary fiber and potassium, magnesium intake, but also to avoid most of the protein as energy is wasted. 5, the main course try to choose a more refreshing taste of dishes such as steamed, boiled, fried dishes practices, but also to select those high daily consumption of less vegetarians, such as fungi, high-end new vegetables, health nuts, and Algae, potato and other vegetables with health value. These not only promote healthy vegetarian diet, but also reduce the burden on the digestive system and more favorable self-cultivation. 6, the face of the main course of sweet and sour, honey, starch and other more greasy dishes, I suggest you prepare in the next bowl of water or soup, put the food before eating to rinse first look, drain off excess water. 7, as the saying goes: "before eating soup, slender and healthy; meal soup, Yue Heyue fat." Some studies show that fewer people can absorb the soup before a meal from 100 to 190 kilocalories. Light, low-fat soups, can increase satiety, reduce appetite, help you resist the temptation of food. To drink soup slowly, slow digestion and absorption of food, soup to give sufficient time to leave. Full of feeling, it is the right time to eat. 8, go to the restaurant to eat, to judge from the menu to know whether the high-fat foods. Such as "Fire Board" with representatives cooking cream and cheese, "white sauce" on behalf of cream sauce, "faction" are much more pastry, by comparison, grilled and smoked food calories are much lower. Really confused, it may directly ask the waiter for cooking dishes to help you make the right decisions.Christian louboutin Black