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International dress brand daqo

Chanel is a more than 80 years of famous brand, status 0 is elegant, fashionable chanel forever succinct, the status of eight, she is good at break traditional style, early forties will be "bound" win the dress to brief, comfortable, perhaps this is the earliest contemporary sportswear. Chanel most know a woman, chanel a variety of products, every woman in the world of chanel can always find yourself, seven people in Europe and the spread of social genteel female even a word "when you find people 7 costume, wearing chanel suit".Company profile: human GabrielleChanel chanel in 1913 in Paris, France, chanel chanel create a variety of products, clothing, jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, perfume, each kind of products are famous, special is her perfume and fashion.
Eve. Smack fashion kingdom, yves st LaurentMan: YvesSaintLaurent created eve. SmackRegistration: French Paris (1962),Stylist: YvesSaintLaurent eve. SmackAugust 1936, was born in Algeria, 1954 years learning's interior decoration and fashion designIn 1954-1957 for dior stylist and partners in 1957-1960 chief designer for dior in Paris in 1962, set up his own company

Roman families (ROMASTER) and trademark (Roman soldiers in the head, honorary registered business excellence kingdom. The first letter in English translation and ROMA, ", "Rome after six letters MASTER, MASTER, home to the leader," Roman families, transliteration.
FaHanShi (men) is the international prestige fashion media coverage of the first China tracking brand design. May 1999, Shanghai FaHanShi garment Co., LTD. Was established FaHanShi, higher, stylist martial kay as a new generation of marketization and internationalization of stylist, young, modern, rich life, have a good market consciousness and rooted in one peculiar character and strong fashion smell. Different season, different conceptual design, meticulous section innovation to men of a kind of special feelings with men, as FaHanShi representative of China's higher clothing brand. May 2000, "gene 2000" kung fu kay? FaHanShi fashion will announce in Shanghai. International prestige fashion media - French fashion channel involved in the whole plan and reports. Kung fu is Kathleen become international prestige fashion designer's media reported in China.
Thirsty climbing listing? diorMan: ChristianDior thirsty climbing started listing? diorRegistration: in Paris, France (1946),Stylist: 1946-1957, thirsty climbing listing? Dior 1957-1960, YvesSaintLaurent (eve? Yves st Laurent) 1960 Italian package brand - 1989, MarcBohan (mark? Po cylons) in 1989-1996, GianfrancoFerre (cooke? FeiLei) in 1996, JohnGalliano (John? Then kareah)? Brand line: ChristianDior thirsty climbing listing? Boris: higher and higher garment dress? Category: higher dress, higher garment, knitting garment, underwear, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, Dior dress brand identify with other brand, it never will any "CD" or "Dior" plain clothes, and mark on the clothes on ChristianDiorParis words, it is the only way of identification. 1 this abbreviation is CD, Dior in parts, like the buckles leather wallet, or glasses frames. 2 Tim Dior: hang on, a delegate with Dior wantonly in four characters strings of literacy, is key to the World Cup, "" LadyDior Italian leather bag made the squad marker, seven men Dior almost become later another manifested. 3 case grain: this diamond cut diamond Dior special case grain, less commonly in clothing, Dior only in the leather, will manifest. ChristianDior mentioned in the legend, the brand name of the mind and plover case pattern, also can appear in every one of the books that dress do zhang has already become a classic black and white pictures on the standing at the rim of a pedestrian footpath woman... Since 1947, the first since abstruse, each time will be announced new fashion and media is out of focus. Dior brand is gorgeous dress period higher (1947-1957) leaders.
montagutParis, France montagut - long brand mark source earlier in the 16th century, French king resolution of the valley in Montreal mountainous provinces SaintSauveurDeMontagut (cable wal-mart) keep sericulture, production of silk. This is a traditional has lasted for centuries, the 19th century, silk production gradually realize mechanization. KaiBanRen montagut in 1880, at the patriarch, Mr Hastings rand (GastonTinland) established a thread, the career is factory to continue from generation to generation. In 1925, the godfather montagut Mr Hastings rand (George GeorgeTinland),Christian Louboutin opened in the factory, between the city by the Olympic village dynamic special TheAuzeneRiver) on the (a ShuiMoFang supply, he is the first business montagut female underwear and stockings operator, In 1950, the son-in-law Leo grams LuoShi (LeoGros) bought this knitting, until today, the factory is still a family business by LuoShi grams. "Bright silk" (Fil - Lumiere) montagut by fresh and innovative designs and superior material and well-known in the world. Until the late 1940s, it produces the stockings, has become a classic senior fashion products. After the second world war, silk underwear, lacy montagut launched at the natural silk material is but a short, this has prompted Leo grams with "rayon LuoShi germination. Replace the natural silk." This is the &; quot Italian film Bright silk cloth ". This was the charming to the early 1980s, the company has become a fashion montagut multinational company, and it was just the beginning of its rapid expansion. Today, the company has developed to supply montagut series of male and female fashion apparel product of famous clothing manufacturers in the world. The flowers, these products marks is good character and status of process that 6. Now, the company has become a charming billion dollars of assets owned enterprise, and in the past few years in Asia, special is market in China has been considerable development Co., LTD. In Hong Kong east montagut in 1971, thus laid was formally established in Hong Kong and China market montagut brand position in China each year. Montagut more important city fashion show, montagut brand in China has become a famous fashion brand new strategy. Montagut 2000 in China, is a series of urban open the flagship, increase in China's development tendency
Benetton -J: clothingHuman jolie, Anna? Benetton GiulianaBenetton (Lucy Arnold? LucianoBenetton (?) gilbert benetton - Benetton GilbertoBenetton () carol? CarloBenetton () benetton -Registration: Italian bei LuNuo (1968),Stylist: general designer: Julie, Anna? Benetton (1938 -), more than 200 stylist designer group brand line: (1) the color of benetton UnitedColorsofBeneton) (2) (3) (Sisley lisa heath ICategory: first is the knitting garment, has pullover, cosmetics, toys, swimsuit, glasses, watches, stationery, underwear, shoes, household itemsPurpose: people spend, spend group of young children, is specialMarketing strategy: (1) the creative advertising activity (introduction note target management (stores operating licences, sale: 1965 Italian treviso 1968 Italian bei LuNuo 1978 European country store opened in 1979, enter the American market into eastern France in 1985, Switzerland Italian market worldwide and more than 100 kingdom has more than 4000 storesAddress: Italy 31050 PengZeNuo Treviso, PengZeNuo cut Sally 24 (ViaCchiesaPonzano24 Treviso, ltaly, 31050PonzanoVeneto, legend in leisure clothing brand), the design and the love from California benetton - make primordium (par), in the period of the Esprit lead position, benetton clothing reflects a new values of the younger generation. About clothing, people see advertising is all sorts of gorgeous color, fresh format, and bring the comfortable feeling or grade promotion etc. Due to the product, so in the foundation, after a dazzling tumultuous unforgettable brand and not many. Thus, "the dress is benetton a crowd.
Warren tinoWarren tino brand from the Italian port with art, smell the jebusites, 1908, the family by warren tino begins, warren. Vincent's VINCENZOVALENTINO) create tino (by its design innovation, and process of material character, rigorous, and Italy for nobility and celebrity welcome around the world.
Kangaroo,Kangaroo (DAISHU) costumes, Italy SAN kay road dress group of the world famous meticulously, a jump of fashionable elves. In half a century, from Rome, Italy, to Europe, to the world, DAISHU everywhere kangaroo (figure) of the living. Kangaroo (DAISHU) clothing brand wasestablished in 1953. Post-war recovery times of Rome, Italy, people due to suppress the battle for too long at aestheticism. Italy SAN Antonio's predecessor organizations Kathleen road clothing apparel design suit open family of costume design in traditional conservative suits has become into the fashionable element, Christian Louboutin Pumpsthen the celebrity chase high-quality goods. But also have counterparts for the design not think Antonio family, the kangaroo "for 2, clothing apparel is neither fish nor fowl Antonio the monster. For peer objection, Antonio simply registered trademark "kangaroo" response to express his conviction. Antonio family has become an international apparel group, the kangaroo (DAISHU) has become a fashion. Italy SAN kay road dress of kangaroo DAISHU (group) clothing product has also covers the casual, outdoor, suit, T-shirt, shirts, leather shoes, leather and many other aspects. Kangaroo (DAISHU) to the fashionable dress always status and grasp the absolute moral deep honour people 6. As a mature brand, the kangaroo DAISHU (for) clothing market also expressed strong prospective. In 1983, the kangaroo (DAISHU) Chinese trademark registration is approved. Kangaroo (DAISHU) gradually in pieces with seven ones Wolf men's pants beginning with the situation of China's fashion early closely. In 2001, Italy SAN kay road in Shanghai joon dress group clothing Co., LTD. Jointly expand dream of Chinese men
PlayboyThe world famous brand -- the PLAYBOY PLAYBOY female leisure clothing series. In his career in clothing, instantly aesthetic solidified the situation, sufficient to show you own peculiar character and personality and will continue in the future, except this one theme, with European style still give priority to, also mingling of Oriental culture essence, costume design concept, the new invention of China urban women heart charming dress.
worldpeckerTUCANO worldpecker is world famous Italian, 1932 by Mr Runs by its family in Rome. It is rare in Africa for trademark rare birds, reflect the brand position, and the peculiar style, because of moral work position, rich flavor, the common euro-american white collar. Since TUCANO woodpecker in milan, fiorentina, Paris, Venice that Britain's most famous fashion. Today, in the asia-pacific region has TUCANO woodpecker of Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Japan, etc are widely praised. "High character, seriation, tradition and tide photograph union, the characteristics Lao climb from Italy" w "brand image.Anna? Sue,Anna? Sue is AnnaSui brand creation of man, born in 1955, Detroit American and Chinese descent, as the third generation of Chinese immigrants from all kinds of the most adept at his artistic form for inspiration: in Scandinavia's